Proper way to address an officer

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by the-rod, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. "Sir I am ######## Private Bloggs arriving into battalion sir"
    is how it starts but how does it end
    he says carry on
    then what do i say
    "Sir permission to take my leave of you sir" ??
  2. What the **** are you in, the redcoats or the US marines ?
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  3. Brit infantry I'm just after the proper way not just mincing in and giving it afternoon sir !
  4. Get a grip man!
  5. I found "ow do, Sir" tended to get the job done.
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  6. Try 'brew bitch, two sugars'
  7. "give us a blowie?"
  8. See... I knew I knew you!
  9. But I so need to know YOU!
  10. Modern officers are trained to embrace the diverse melting pot society that is modern Britain, I therefore suggest:

    "What up blud?! Brrrrraaaap Brrrraaaap"
  11. Only if you swallow
  12. Arrse always useful as ever post has descended into homogay chat
  13. We can reminisce over dinner x
  14. He´s told you to carry on so salute, about-turn, march out and get on with what you should be doing
  15. Come on... it was a crap post!!!