Proper training for kids

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bullet Sponge, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. Picture the scene. Sat in the sitting room of a mates house watching a bit of telly and drinking a beer when mates 5 year old kid comes tearing into the room liberally spraying imaginary rounds from his toy gun. At this point the following exchange takes place between a less than impressed mate and his kid.

    Mate "STOP!"

    Kid immediately stops firing.

    Mate "What have I told you about using that gun indoors?"

    Kid "sorry dad, controlled bursts only."

    Mate "Well done, don't let it happen again."

    Kid then proceeds to dive from one fire position to the next around the sitting room loosing off three round bursts.

    Surely this should stand as an example to us all on how to bring up kids...........
  2. Brings a tear to my eye, myself and bugger junior have recently moved flat where we live now has a shared courtyard where the kids ride bikes and the like.

    My son and his mates where playing the other day when in he comes asking for my beret and webbing as they were playing war looking out the window a bit later I had the great joy of watching a pair of six year olds in the worst fitting kit possible taking tactical bounds between the plant pots shooting invisible germans.
  3. My lad is three, and isn't quite up to pepper-potting yet. He does however have his own Lee Enfield No4 (scaled down, made by his loving Dad), which regularly gets an outing in the garden for charging the enemy molehills. He did have a plastic M16, won at the fair, but it failed the field testing, and now he's back to the No4. I'm going to make him a tommy gun for his 4th birthday; I'll be teaching him lessons 1-8 from the relevant pamphlet before letting him to pick it up obviously. Er... anyone got the SAA pam for M1A1 Thompson SMG?
  4. Get an airsoft 80, "borrow" some training pams from unit and show the correct use and operation of rifle (except with ballbearings :lol:). Start at 9am, finish about 10pm, get the kid on stag outside with his newly purchased DPM set and helmet from eBay. Who needs a guard dog? Or the RMP? Kids are vicious lil' bastards. :D
  5. Wish I could get littlest Dees interested in smallarms.....

    At the moment he is floating around the Caribbean (living room) in his Pirate Ship (new Flymo box) engaging enemy with his cannon (cling film tube......that he managed to unwrap 45 meters of clingfilm before it was just right)...

    "Land Ahoy"
    "Fire mission starboard section"

    bless him :lol:

    Then he stabs me with his concealed rubber dagger......which bloody hurts when it doesn't give way for your thigh muscle 8O
  6. It's a small step from playing pirates to playing booties. Just be careful if he asks for a couple of roll-mats for his birthday. :wink:
  7. Got my 4 year old to do a present arms to people entering the house...makes the blokes smile but gets a frown from the wives!

    Pepper potting around the garden with his MP5 and me with an M4 gets odd looks from the Boss next door...but who cares...he is my son!
  8. Neither of my two girls are very interested in guns and things and stuff, however I did get my 5 year old to employ the marksmanship principles whilst attacking next doors cat with a fairy washing up bottle full of water from the upstairs bedroom window, she was breathing and squeezing and everything (im Para-phrasing of course).