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Yep, there's a video of what seems to be a Muslim woman nicking one out of a shop, which is obviously giving the Facebook mongs the chance to get some double outrage going as a build up to John Snow not wearing a poppy on the news this week.
Looks more Roma to me
Just binged(?) on a marathon of five* x hour-long, continuous, episodes of:

“World War 1 - In Colour”.

* although the LINK below, states there were originally six episodes?

This afternoon, shown on channel “Select 5” 1400hrs -to- 1900hrs.

Deficient in any (formal) history study - recent or otherwise - since moving to secondary school sixty years ago, it was very informative and appreciated.

As many others, I was aware of place names, towns, battlefields, most of the participants, and rough time sequence.

But, those bare-bones have (now) been assembled into a proper chronological order, and the sequence of terrible events illustrated graphically.

Those five hours viewing, should be compulsory scheduled into everyones’ education.


World War 1 in Colour - Wikipedia

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If any of you are in London, at the Olympic Park, there is Shrouds of the Somme.
Home Shrouds - Shrouds Of The Somme

Mannequins represent each of the 72,396 British and Commonwealth servicemen killed at the Battle of the Somme who have no known grave, and whose names are engraved on the Thiepval Memorial. There is also a running commentary of the names read out by one of the volunteers (although some might need educating that Corps is not pronounced corpse)
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Reported in the Salisbury Journal. In the ‘military friendly’ town of Amesbury.- we don’t just have Russian agents and Novichok to contend with, we have our own in-bred local fcukwits too.
I’d swing for them if I caught them in the act.

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There's a bloke lives by me has a full sleeve of poppies and celtic knotwork on his arm.
It actually looks pretty good to be fair to him.
Do you go all ‘girlie’ around hard guys with tattoos?


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