Proper Remembering.

No but I do remember the reaction I got throughout when I was asked about my parentage and no one believed me or the vandalism or the beatings I took- no complaints ever made by me-so stuff you.

I wonder if anyone remembers an incident at 24 Sigs when a locker was trashed, dumped in the washroom, pit in the grass outside the window and unfortunately the SNCO knew I had nothing to do with it so I couldn't be penalised and I had to parade in civvies probably Jan 69. Those who were there will know who I am now.

And I was in Northag. I also remember all the snide remarks. Still my shoulders are broad, and I've the hide of a Rhino now. Now may I suggest you read zero degrees of empathy by Simon Baron Cohen. Yup Sachas Brother! And by the way my Dad was English, regular soldier, fought against the Germans and the Italians and was injured at Alamein II doing his job extracting wounded to casualty stations. No medals for the WDF either bloody disgrace, married my mum and for all I know it may have cost him a commission and a different life style.

And do you commemorate the students who tried to stop it all. Good Germans died get used to it.
You actually expect someone on here to recall an insignificant event which happened to an insignificunt nearly 50 years ago?

You operationally deficient pen15.
Did anyone in BAOR or Berlin ever encounter a single German male of 'the right age' who ever admitted to:

Doing anything 'bad'
Fighting against the Western Allies
Being a Nazi

They all seem to have been poor downtrodden conscripts forced to fight for a dictatorship they hated, and that they tried to work against......saved Jews, PoWs bla bla bla

Seems sales of whitewash and amnesia tablets on the black-market were huge post May 8th 1945
Yes. Most coughed to being on the Russian front. No surprises there. But I also met:

* A combat engineer who had attempted to blow up the very same bridge we were training on in Berlin.

* A farmer who did a runner and ended up in his home town just as it got 'interesting': Remargen.

A drunken old git in the Rocket Bar in Iserlohn who admitted to being in the Luftwaffe and bombing Bristol.

Oh, and this geezer:

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Now Macron reckons it is only OK to remember if everyone is involved - but not the military.
Never got past chapter 1, I have to admit.
Started reading it in my teens and gave up early, horribly confused. Re-read it in my 20s and loved it, the surrealism links so well to some actual situations that can still make me smile watching the news.

Heller's later books were even harder work; one, 'Something Happened' seems like a very long joke as, as far as I could make out fuck all happened.
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You actually expect someone on here to recall an insignificant event which happened to an insignificunt nearly 50 years ago?

You operationally deficient pen15.
Hallo badger, what a surprise for you to drop in:mrgreen:. If I can recall it- but then you weren't around then were you? After all you is an 'ero you is. By the way I recommend that book to you too. Toodle pip
A bit of a mix really after the war. At one point I was with a family where the mother (late middle age) would not have anything in the house that was to do with Hitler while her son (teenager) drooled over Hitler and the previous system.
At least Nazi Germany did not have FaceBook

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Son of a Nazi soldier is upset when no-one respect his father's service in the......German Army? Waffen SS, BDM?
I could swear he said his dad was English, but then what do I know other than the fact I can actually read English, even when written by a half German.
.....yes, I noticed that, makes you wonder who was shooting at my dad if France, Greece and North Africa
If only they had succeeded, we wouldn't be bored to tears with you seeing gay Nazis everywhere.

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