Proper Push up?

What is a proper push up?

Ive heard arms at 90 degress and ive also heard that your chest has to be no more than a fist width from the ground.

Its really hard for me to get my chest that low however my arms are at 90 degress so im just wondering what is a proper push up.


Clicky Clicky

Go to Exercise>Exercises>Press Ups for a video demonstration.

Use an apple instead of a fist, lower until chest touches apple. When you've finished, eat the apple.
It can depend on how far your arms are out with which pti (some like them to be able to fit on a roll mat others dont mind) but back straight legs no more than a shoulder width apart (or about a foot I keep them together my self) and then lower your self down till your pretty much touching the floor with either your chin or nose (some prefer you to look up i think it makes it harder)
I would worry as long as your back is straight and your ass aint in the air and your going all the way down and up you will be fine.
Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong any where
the best thing about press ups is when you get tired you can just do press downs to squease a few more out...there like press ups but you put the effort in on the way down

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