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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by down_under, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. With regards to a VC recipient what is the proper procedure, as per Customs and Traditions, when you meet. For example, does one salute the person out of respect to the medal even if he is an OR, or is this just a furphy I have been fed for the last few years. Have been discussing this with a mate and I have always been taught to salute the recipient and he says normal procedure occurs regardless of the gong. :?
  2. I've heard the same, but don't know if it is laid down in QR's.

    I've also heard that VC recipients are the last to march on a parade and first to march off.
  3. That's got me even more interested in finding out now. I must try and find a Protocol Manual. I reckon whatever the British Army does the Oz Army would follow suit seeing as how most of our stuff is Brit originated.
  4. D_U,

    You might want to explain "furphy" too!!
  5. Surely not to you oz, as you would have been here long enough now and you'd be employed in furphy control and well squared away with it. :D 8)

    Edit to add: thought it might have been arrsepedia, but it ain't. So here it is a link for those unsure.
  6. I was led to believe, that any recipient of the VC was saluted. Certainly they deserve that Honour!
  7. Asked the Tara today and he says you do too, but a former one I had says no. Still looking for a protocol manual, but the concensus is you do. I would anyway out of pure respect for the deed done and the Medal and for what it stands for.
  8. I can understand the great admiration for recipients of the VC, but if there is no protocol laid down and this is but duty rumour/old soldiers tale then saluting a non commisioned VC holder may only serve to embarress them.

    A simple 'hello' and 'an honour to meet you' should convey the relevant respect.
  9. Absolutely agree, however I was wondering more along the lines of pomp procedure/protocol.
  10. I was at the Queen Mother's 100th birthday pageant. When the assembled Victoria Cross / George Cross holders marched (well, were driven) past, the entire audience gave them a standing ovation. The very least we could do.
  11. Does that exsist over here?!! I though that was left for those stuffy, uptight, **** POMs!!!

    Ahhhh, the myths.
  12. Oi! You cheeky bugger i resemble that remark :p
  13. So do I you wally - that's the point.
  14. My bold
    So do some of us "Colonials",(said with plum in mouth and rather bad hoity toity accent). :D
  15. Take the plum out, you'll hurt your neck!

    Back on track, I'm pretty sure you'll not find reference in either Army that dictates whether or not you salute any decoration. It's the Commission that's saluted, or more correctly the monarch who granted it.

    That said, it appears to have become accepted practice that if one, of whatever rank comes across a VC winner they will salute (his valour) and than take him to the bar! No pun intended.