Proper "practical" shooting

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. Me wanna play too!

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  2. That's an excellent layout that must have taken them days to set up or shoot the course of fire over. Didn't think much of the square area when he moved around with a pistol, otherwise an excellent layout.

    He's an excellent shot though. Must spend hours training every week. Clays and targets from different positions, good skills and drills imo.

    Makes a change from seeing the lard bellies wandering around and saying they're 'action shooters!' Used to see them all of the time pre '97 with quick draw holsters that meant they needed to lift a roll of fat or two in order to gain access to their pistols. That, and most of them never shot in competition, just wandered around with a pistol on their hip at Pistol AD.
  3. I love the shoot from the rope slide!
  4. Back in NL I was doing a lot of IPSC pre-kids, RO'ing as well. The amount of posing was unreal... You could tell what was going to happen after the beep by the amount of poserage going on before it.

    Oh, yes, and the raceguns that jammed more than L85A1's. But their owners were sooooo proud that they got exactly 162.5 power factor!
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  5. Can you imagine the RASP you would need to write for that one...!

    It would be the size of Lord of the Rings.. (and make about as much sense..)
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  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Oh the days when we would nip off into the bush on Wainright with a few cases of ammo and some fig 11s and just have an anti ambush drills day, no rasp just common sense and a ******* good Platoon Commander!
  7. You can come over and use a Glock if you want!!! I was thinking about the steel challenge next year...........if I'm gonna embarass myself it might aswell be on an international level.
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  8. Glock? GLOCK? Am thinking I might get me a Sig-Sauer P226 X5 racegun... But they're expensive.....
  9. (but thanks for the offer..........) :)
  10. Sorry if I caused you to have to take an extra tablet today.

    I like the X5 too, Sig put out factory reconditioned/checked ones occasionaly.

    Be interesting though, an ARRSE Steel Challenge team.
  11. I once showed my FIL's neighbour how to hit an A3 sized target at 100yds with a Glock 22. He thought I was joking. Then I did it ;)

    THis is what Stoaty wants for chrimbo:


    None of your Caspian, SVI, STI 1911-based muck! :D
  12. Race guns, the impractical 'practical' firearm :)
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  13. Yup! :D THat sums it up about right ;)

    Although I'd have a C-more instead of that monstrosity there....
  14. I don't like the huge optic approach to shooting. My personal point of view is that it was game players who finagled the rules to get an edge to win but in the process they lost what was the purpose behind the sport. But, if I have to use one I will.

    See a lot of these starting to pop up now and I don't think it will be too long before they become a standard manufacturers option on many of the brand name guns:

  15. I can't remember how all of the bells and whistles started. Bianchi or 1500 IIRC. My time wasn't until the 90's with Spears doing the training. There should be an IPSC (IMO) competition for 'straight out of the box' (okay, some internal fine tuning) issued (Armed Forces, Police, Coast Guard etc.) pistol. Service Pistol in effect but 'practical' courses of fire.