Proper People Once

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biscuits_AB, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. I don't know if it's the subject of another thread, but has anyone else been following the ITN news series of reports concerning ex service personnel and the Governments betrayal of them?

    The parting shot from the homeless ex Sapper who was interviewed in a Soho doorway for tonights broadcast that 'people like him shouldn't be ignored as they were proper people once', left me choked. Never came so close to crying in front of my kids before.
  2. Wasn't Prince Charles threatening to set up a charity similar to his princes trust for ex service men a while ago?
  3. 'Proper people, once'. A grim and disturbing story.

    I've always admired the tremendous support of Regimental Associations and the Legion. They are superb organisations, providing a 'family' and comradeship for many. It's sad that they seem to find it difficult to recruit new, younger members.

    Maybe times change, and it's true that our forces have diminished in size, but the principle of always looking out for - and after - your fellow soldiers (yes, and sailors and airmen) should never change.

    Perhaps we can all help, by supporting these ex-forces associations. Many of them have local branches. After all, most of us were - or are - proud to wear the badge.
  4. What happens to your 'days pay' scheme? Where does that money go? For some of us that sum was in the region of £100. For others, it could be as little as £30 (all dependant upon rank). Coming from a Corps with over 2000 pers, ranging from LCpl to Brig, that's a lot of money.

    Where does all of that money go? I was told it was there to help those who left and fell upon bad times. I only know of one person who received 'a loan' from the Regt Assoc in my entire 22yrs service. That was a loan. He had to pay it back and the decision as to whether he got that 'loan' was down to some retiired Colonel who'd never seen a bad day in his life and who wouldn't know what the inside of a dole office looked like.

    I often wonder what happens to that money. It's a lot of cash over a year and if invested properly, thats a lot of interest. Now, how many soldiers in all, pay into this 'scheme'.
  5. Probably because they have very little appeal to young soldiers as they are more often that not run by people who think that they are still serving and who are living in a different world from the younger soldiers of today. As someone who did a full 22yrs, I also feel that I have very little in common with Col (Ret'd), Maj (Ret'd) etc and avoid such institutions as they are places where some try to live out their career all over again. That's not to say that all are ike that but those who are are very influential and use their 'retired' status to get their own way. You can see it written all over the faces of the Commitee. It's akin to being an SO2 having an a Ret'd Lt Col MSF SO3 work 'below' you. Who's working for who?
  6. Wish he would!
  7. I have just read, in a Corps journal, the Committee of one association complaining that they rarely receive letters of thanks from 'those who receive benevolence'.

    My own dealings with associations, on behalf of soldiers, is mixed. Some are quick to respond and keen to help, whilst others are as Biscuits describes - run by retired officers trying to run the organisation as if it were their former regiment.

    Unfortunately many ex-service organisations see Maj (Retd) as the ideal qualification for working with them, and they become self-perpetuating havens for retired officers.
  8. I feel that it's time that they moved on. They are 'businesses' and should be ran as such by people from a business background. I fully understand the need for a 'military' presence in which is after all a 'military' charity, but the continued presence of those with 'Ret'd' Officer status in managerial positions, does little to encourage younger soldiers to attend.

    That may not be the case with all Regt Assoc's, but it was and more than likely still is, the case with my own, that left to their own devices, not many would attend, so RSMs were cajouled by OC's, into holding them immediately after Cpl's Mess Meetings so as to guarantee some level of attendance. Dare a Lance Jack leave before the end of the RMPA meeting!!

    From my own perpsective, I had enough of these people when I was working for them in the Army.........I don't want to have to repeat the 'pleasure' as a civvy. In fact to be honest, if I never saw half of them again, it would be too soon.

    I also seem to recall one or two 'questionable' incidents involving money from the RMPA and people who were in positions of 'influence'. Perhaps that's the reason I feel that they should be run by people from more 'accountable' backgrounds. Nevertheless, I paid my days pay scheme every year and without question as I felt it the right thing to do.
  9. Saw the report with Mrs F last night, she was shocked, even more so when she realised how many ex-service personnel slept rough - she had no idea. Hopefully the item will have highlighted to some civvies what we expect our guys to do and what can happen to them afterwards - open their eyes like Mrs F. If that means one person diging into their pockets to help someone like the sapper or make a donation to one of the charities then job well done.

    I also agree with Biscuits AB that theese need to be run on a business model, Maj (Retd) will only serve to alienat the younger (perhaps more driven) sectors of society to get involved and could also aliente business support.
  10. I'm sure it was on the Radio months ago, I haven't heard about it since. Something similar to the princes trust but to help ex forces get work and to help those who can't adjust to civvy life back into society.
  11. I hope that it does make people think, but the sceptic in me says otherwise because I feel that it is more of an issue for those who commanded these men, rather than Joe Public. The military covenanant? We've seen an erosion of it with those who are still serving, but it look's to have completely forgotten those in such dire circumstances. It can't all just be left to the RBL etc, the Regimantal Assoc's should be shouldering this responsibility and should be more bloody pro active in doing so. It's not as if getting people like this lad back on their feet would break the bank account and who needs an extra piece of MEss silver anyway? When that lad said that 'he used to be a proper person once', you could see that he'd completely given up not just on his circumstances, but on himself as a human being. His circumstances have went beyond being merely homeless to being in need of some 'proper' mental health care. Not only has his self esteem deteriorated into oblivion, he has been allowed to mentally fall apart. Where the f*ck is his Regt Assoc? I'll bet he paid his bloody days wage every year when he was in, the least they could do is remember who the f*ck he is.

    The next time the Regimental Assoc's are handing out money for Young Officers to go adventure training in darkest bloody Peru, they might like to consider that life isn't all jolly hockey sticks and tiffin for those who once served, but who no longer consider themselves 'proper people'.
  12. Biscuits, I thought the RMPA days pay scheme went to fund interest free loans to officers who needed a new boat...............or something like that.
  13. That wasn't the only 'affair'....... there was another which also 'allegedly' occurred at Chi.