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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ard-Elly-o, Dec 30, 2003.

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  1. Why don't we only select proper officers anymore? Those with the right background that have been bred for leadership over hundreds of years (or at least gone to a decent public school!)

    We now seem to be inundated with pretentious lower middle class fellows (and girlies!) from some unknown red brick university, struggling to hide some awful regional accent in a vain attempt to fit in to the mess. They often have more in common with their soldiers than true gentlemen!!

    Granted that the majority are only allowed in the Corps and RAF where the proper standards are not maintained, but unless we are careful they shall be ariving in one of the decent Regiments before we know it.

    How do we expect standards to be maintained in the future?
  2. We should atleast rate degree's, any knobber can get media studies.
  3. Ard-elly-o, What a pretentious snob you are! What the F**k is the definition of a "proper" officer?? Just because a man or woman doesnt have an Oxford degree doesnt mean that he/she will make a bad officer.

    Many, many officers in the Air Corps came through the ranks with the minimum of education. In general they have turned out to be excellent commissioned material.

    As far as the Mess goes, who gives a flying f**k what accent they speak with. Not everyone has to speak with a mouth full of marbles.

    If your post was a wind-up then it has succeeded with me!
  4. Ard-Ely-o, - Quite agree old chap. Saw someone in the mess the other day with and off the peg suit. How can we expect the chaps to follow such a man?!?! Anyway some of these impropewr officers are too bloody competent for my liking and ignore the important things like polo.
  5. Ard-Elly-o, should we select officers who can at least form a rational question?

    Top subject. You've changed my mind anyway.

  6. I think you are missing the point Kenr old chap. ".....officers coming through the ranks with the minimum of education....excellent commissioned material??
    Somehow I don't think so !! I hardly think the very short history and traditions (if you have managed to borrow some)of the Balloon (sorry) Flying Corps qualify you to comment on the subject of proper officers!

    Proper officers, if I must explain, come from the right sort of background and are educated at one of the decent Public Schools.
    They speak (naturally!) with a proper British accent (BBC English, pre 60s will suffice) and are quite simply the right class to be an officer in the British Army.

    Do you really believe that some bright working class chap, educated in a state school with a degree from a nameless university can possibly have the proper breeding, manners, etiquette or dress standards to be an officer.
    We now have officers walking out attired as enlisted men. The wearing of ready-made bow ties is now common practice!

    We are diluting the very standards upon which this once great country was founded! The true British Army Officer is a breed apart and our Mess must remain the last bastion of the true gentleman!

    I fear the pretentious one (trying to be something he is not!), is YOU. Suggest you toddle off back to the Sgts' Mess where you will probably feel more at home! There's a good chap!
    You could also try elocution lessons and a decent tailor! Always helps with the illusion.
  7. Quite right my Lord! pressed the bloody submit tit before I was quite ready!! Dreadfully sorry to make a mess on your board but I don't seem to be able to correct it. I will call one of the men in off Chrismas leave and get him to sort it for me unless you could possibly help?
  8. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer


    Great post. best wind up for ages. Keep it up in 2004. :lol:
  9. Sorry you think it's a wind up and I fully understand that some of the technical corps can't afford to be as selective as the decent regiments. I am trying hard not to be too hard on fellow officers that don't come up to standard but some of the young chaps and girls I have met recently were bloody appaling.

    No interest in field sports, (one girl was actually against hunting!!) most don't know one end of a side by side from another, very few can ride, almost none use a decent London tailor and half are on first name terms with their seniors.

    If you think that these standards (or lack of them!) are acceptable then fine. Just keep them in the Corps of Blah and I suggest you apply to the Royal family and ask for all reference of Royal to be removed. I am sure Her Majesty would not be pleased with the lowering of standards by some of her Corps.

    We are not a classless society and hopefully the Officer's Corps will be a little more selective in the future!!
  10. That EO Advisors course was pretty much wasted on you Ard-Elly-O wasn't it? 8O
  11. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Good wind up.

    But since most of our truly "proper" officers (inbred lower aristocracy - the Gentlemen so often refered to) got slotted in WW1 leading to the meritocracy that we try to run today, isn't it a bit late to reinstate? The aristocracy was never that big in the first place and never did recover properly from WW1.
  12. I think he's doing just fine.
  13. A-E-O, is doing fine and has stated his arguments very well indeed, I personalllyl think that its a very good wind up though, if not then whos arrse is he licking :?:
    When all said and done its down to the individual your either a good officer or a bad officer, not a lot of room for anything in between, job doesnt allow for it , same goes for NCO's and OR's
    All the good Officers I have met and know, and that numbers a lot from "both sides of the fence" since this thread has taken an elitist stance, have achieved the respect they have by being themselves not what or who someone else wants them to be.
  14. Not really Bow-Man! Course gave me a thorough understanding of MODs policy on Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management within the Armed Forces. Didn't agree with a lot of it, neither did most of the other students. I don't think the instructors did either. A lot of it was liberal politically correct mumbo jumbo that is very applicable for modern business (Tescos and the like) and no doubt works very effectively in the Royal Air Force. Not very applicable for our combat units whose very success is built upon elitism and unity.

    Just a wonderful example of how MOD can prove to some European bureaucrat on how we fully embrace this legislation and the British Armed Forces are no longer a class-conscious elitist organisation.

    The higher educational opportunities open to all, regardless of background and former schooling are excellent, and I agree should be welcomed. I am delighted that the son of a plumber from Manchester (nothing against plumbers or Manchester, just examples!) can achieve a top class degree and have the opportunity to be a Captain of Industry.

    However, do you honestly believe that the same son of a plumber educated in a Manchester comprehensive with a Masters Degree from Blah University will one day Command any of our finest Cavalry or Brigade of Guards Regiments?

    Even in one of our Corps, does he really "belong" as an officer and gentleman or in reality is he/she not playing a pretentious little game pretending to be one of the elite members of society as a British Army Officer. (Obviously not having a go at the LEs! LEs are very welcome. They are well mannered and bring a rough honest openness to the mess, are usually good fun and have a wealth of amusing stories!)

    If you are now saying that the British Army Officer is no longer an elite member of British society, should we now consider dismantling the privileged trappings of the elite society (the Officers Mess) we all enjoy?
    Queue up at a hotplate for our food like the men. Sell off the multi-million pounds worth of property tied up in our messes, move into travel-lodge type accommodation?

    Or are you perhaps saying you don't want to be thought of as an elite member of British society, but you do still want to enjoy all the trappings of pretending to be an elite member of British society?
  15. That's just what I said to Santa Sunday in the mess the other night, and he punched me. What's going on?