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Discussion in 'Travel' started by Phuqueouit, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. My son has always wanted to fly in a Prop powered aircraft since me telling him about flying in Hercs.

    He is asthmatic and therefore will never be able to join up, so I suggested I take him off for a flight in a commercial prop job...

    Question is; How do I best find out what Airlines/Routes are regularly flown using prop-powered crates?

    I have seen them flying out of Scumampton(Fly.Be) regularly but need to find a route of a reasonable distance to make it a worthwhile trip, so has anyone got any ideas?

    A trip to Continental Europe would be fave as we could then have a bit of a lads away session!

  2. Glasgow to Benbecula used to be turboprop
  3. Flights to the Channel Islands are usually by propeller planes. Fly from Gatwick and you get to see most of Sussex from about 18,000 feet. Flybe or Aurigny are the Guernsey ones. The other advantage of course is you can stock up on duty free booze as they're outside the EU
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  4. There are loads of small aerodromes here; you could hang around one a while, pop in the cafe/bar, earwig conversations, look on the notice board, that sort of thing. Some guys just kick around all day with Jack to do between bookings. You never know.

    Barton aerodrome near Manchester is one I've used. There's some interesting stuff to look at, too.

    If you fancy a ride over the water, much the same thing applies once you're there.

    I can only say from what I've experienced myself.
  5. Bangkok to Koh Samui on an Antonov, you can also spend some money on him to educate him in other ways.
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  6. I flew in one the other day from Munich to Zagreb in a Dash 8 DeHavilland thingy owned by Ausberg Airlines/Lufthansa for about 1 our or so. I also noticed in Zagreb that Croatia Airlines own at least one of the same and they have some other prop things as well. Sadly not quite the same as a herc though.
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  7. I've done Edinburgh - Southampton - Edinburgh a few times always prop aircraft takes about 1hr 15mins.
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  8. St Mawgan to St Marys by Twotter. Pick the right weather conditions and watch Cornwall go by your porthole very slowly...
  9. Eastern Airways do a lot of UK and continental flights using turboprop aircraft. Some of them are proper, seat of the pants jobs where the pilot's wife makes the coffee and gives you a flask as you climb the boarding ladder.

    Also, many flying schools will give a single, trial flying lesson depending on your son's age. He could have a go on the controls.

    Tell him that most modern jet airliners are really propeller driven. The big fan you can see at the front of the engine acts like a propeller and generates up to 90% of the engine's thrust. Most of the air from the fan bypasses the jet engine. The jet is really just there to turn the fan.
  10. Prepare to be amazed at their antics. Prepare to be astounded at their abilities. Prepare to have them rape your wallet in exchange for a very small seat in a very small tube owned by the builder (BAe) and leased to the airline as a sop because nobody in their right mind - not even Brit Mil - thinks that the Wetdream is a proper airliner.
  11. There is a very cool seaplane flight which takes off on the river Clyde
  12. Bouillabaisse

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  13. Now that would interesting and I could show him around both cities as I know them well!

    Cheers for the input so far guys(and/or gals!)... you never know, maybe a ropey Eastern European flight in a chewing-gum and string armoured Tupolev/Antonov/Moskvich/Lada crate would be nearly as mad as it could get!
  14. use their turbo props on Southampton /Brussels, and Exeter/ Amsterdam if they are in your neck of the woods.
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  15. Yeah, not too far, an hour in the car... so The 'Dam hey? Another alternative education suggestion within minutes of the first, what are some of you thinking I should teach my 16 year old?!!!