Proof this country is finished

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by brokerboy, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Walking past st James's Palace today, It was a Grenadier Guard mounted, loads of armed Police about, I asked a copper what was Going on, and was told its a meeting of the British Irish council , Nick Clegg and Martin Mcguiness are here , yes that Martin Mcguiness, I walked on a little further and saw a big limo, i asked a copper if it was mcguiness's car , he asked why? I said because I'd like to put a fucking bomb under it, as the owner was part of a terrorist organisation that killed four of my regiment and countless other britsh soldiers and civilians, i was threatened with arrest , lectured on my behaviour, the whole lot, how come they dont arrest muslims who threaten to behead us if we insult islam, but their quite happy to nick me for saying i'd LIKE to put a bomb under his car, not that I WAS GOING TO, we are finished if we dont start start growing a backbone in this country.
  2. You didn't actually say any of that did you?
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  3. This country lost its backbone years ago. Other countrys riot and protest for a change of government and to get things done and it bloody works.

    We just sit back and take it. Must be something they put in the water

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  4. Yeah I did , why ?
  5. I think that poor copper you were transfixing with your in depth analysis would have been within his rights to tazer you in the face.
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  6. hahah keep it up, just remind me to put a pair of rubber pants on in case i piss myself laughing next time you post something this witty.
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  7. I often say things like this to policemen if I'm feeling lonely.

    Know exactly what you mean. A little while ago, I saw this bird walking down the street and commented to a passing copper that I'd like to tie her up in my basement, rape and kill her (but not that I was *GOING* to) and he overreacted in much the same way.

    What is this country coming to?
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  9. Because you would have been arrested that's why.

    Terrorism under Section 1 (TA 2005)

    'Terrorism' is now defined as:

    “the use or threat of action where, the action involves serious violence against a person, serious damage to property, endangers a person’s life or creates a serious risk to the health or safety of the public.” The “use or threat” must be “designed to influence the government or to intimidate the public…”

    Section 2 (TA 2005) defines a “terrorist” as a person who has committed an offence under any of certain sections of the Act, or “is or has been concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism” (including a person who has been concerned with the preparation etc of acts of terrorism within Section 1).
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  10. Country is in a mess however if a "foreign terrorist sympathiser" for example approached a copper and said "See your queen, I would like to put a bomb under her car as a regiment she is colonel in chief of killed 4 of my brothers" how would you expect the copper to re-act? What you said to the copper is your opinion, something that we are all entiteled to have but I dont see what you wanted to gain by expressing it to the copper, hes just a small cog in a machine being paid pants wages and worrying about what his pension is going to look like when he finishes whilst trying to do a job with one hand tied behind his back.
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  11. Good input.
  12. well i wasnt .
  13. Dont know if you're a regular now or whatever, however if you are, i'd like to see how you'd react if in 20 years mulla omar or whover is the chief taliban bad boy is being feted by whoever's in charge.
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  14. But im not a foreign terrorist sympathiser .
  15. With due respect, I am sure the Police would have arrested a Muslim who said similar things about putting a bomb under somebodies car or saying they will kill anybody who insults Islam.

    As for your concerns about the Police not doing enough to arrest Muslamic Extremists, let me assure you, that the Police have arrested many people of Muslamic Origin, and guess what, they always turn out to be innocent, just like the Brazilian who got shot in the head for no apparant reason in 2005.

    I still cant see how being arrested for saying that you will put a bomb under a persons car, especially when there have gun shots being fired in Belfast. Its common-sense.

    If a Muslim was in London, where the 7/7 happened, and there was silence and police surrounding the memorial and he said "Oh I am going to put a bomb under the Aleef News agents near tube 2", what is the Police going to do?