Proof that women lie!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. Ladies I did not write this piece of factual, accurate scientific proof that you are all liars. In fact, I personally believe this thought provoking article should not be disseminated at all. However, I do have an obligation to my fellow men. Lets face it, we all knew this anyway. :twisted:


    Scruples survey finds modern women are liars

    A survey looking at British morals has found that modern women lie, flatter and have affairs.

    The National Scruples and Lies Survey found 94% of British women lie, and 17% with long term partners have had an affair - but only 40% regret it.

    The research, commissioned by That's Life! women's weekly magazine, says changes in traditional moral behaviour in the past 40 years have left women "totally confused". The survey questioned 5,000 women with an average age of 38.

    A third (32%) said they would stay with their partner if he had a one-night stand, 28% if they discovered he was a secret transvestite and 17% if he announced he was gay.

    More than three quarters (76%) told researchers they tell life-changing lies, while 12% do so frequently. And 94% of British women admit they lie, with 34% telling "little white lies" most days.

    Women also admit to lying about their weight (51%), background (30%) and salary (29%). They tell most lies to their friends (93%), followed by their parents (91%), partner (90%) and employer (83%).

    The authors say a "staggering" 53% of women would not tell their long term partner or husband that a baby was not his if they wanted to stay with him after a secret affair. About a third (32%) would pretend to use contraception like the Pill if they wanted to get pregnant but their partners did not want a child.

    The survey also found 48% fantasise about other men during sex, 50% fake orgasms and 36% admitted to disloyally tell their friends about their man's sexual performance.

    Only 27% tell their partner the truth if they think he is hopeless in bed, and over half (55%) will lie to flatter him if he asks about his physique or looks. Women are also suspicious about their partners and admit to checking their pockets (46%), text messages, (47%) mobile phone bill (27%) and following them (10%).

    The survey also found 23% of women would marry just for money. When asked what they would do for £1 million 24% said they'd cut off their little finger, 34% would give up sex, 20% would sleep with a boss and 25% would be prepared to run naked down their local high street. End Quote


    I need a hug......
  2. And this is news to men because :?:

  3. Their lips are moving.
  4. And just what would you do for a million quid? Running naked down the high street seems pretty tame to me!!
  5. Once did this for 50p, never mind £1m.
  6. you slept with your boss for 50p? Cheap tart :D
  7. Why no being sick little icon?

    Beebs 8O
  8. Since when did you need proof?
  9. Wow! Ground breaking news! Women lie?? You can't be serious! :D

    It's ancient news that women aren't to be trusted - how on earth can you possibly trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die??
  10. Women are liars?

    Not quite.

    Women are the devil incarnate....... all of them. :twisted:
  11. They flaunt their ulterior motives to distract you from their hidden agendas.
  12. Who the feck asks the bint if she thought I was good in bed? That's her problem not mine. Any one who asks their missus about how they look is gay.
  13. Only a batchelor could doubt that women lie.
    It's part of their nature, they do not consider it to be lieing, just confusing the enemy.
    My mate who has owned a Bangkok bar for over 20 years says, if a bargirl realises she has told the true she goes back and corrects her statement.
    PS. I do not lie.
    And before someone says something
    Sometimes I avoid telling the truth, quite deliberately.
    If a matter embarasses you then do as politicians do and choose your words carefully, no need to lie.