Proof That Journos Are Completely Barmy??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SlimeyToad, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Just saw the vid of Alan Johnston and couldn't help but think (for a very short while) that this guy is either incredibly brave, a part of his own kidnap or completely off his fckuing trolley.

    Whilst the vast majority (i.e.pre-AJ = 100%) of kidnap victims are shown on the Al Jazzera Home Video Specials pleading for their lives and rightfully cacking themselves AJ is shown, dressed up in a Semtex Waistcoat, yacking to the camera as if he is reporting an overblown rainshower in Stratford-Upon-Avon, full of hand gesticulations, facial expressions, the whole shooting match!!

    So, is he nails, in cahoots for a story or a total fcuking fruitloop? I would have done a poll (we've got one in the office I wouldn't mind doing! :twisted: ) but I'm too stupid and it's not 8 o'clock yet!
  2. I was watching that too, quite a strange broadcast I must admit. Stiff upper lip eh what!
  3. He's just holding it together. I expect his underpants tell a different story.

    Poor bloke.
  4. Am I a bad persons for finding his "broadcast" hilarious. :D

    Dude you've been kidnapped by terrorists, take a day off!
  5. I suspect he may be doing what we all do under pressure and falling back on his training. I genuinely feel sorry for the chap, but I keep expecting him to sign off with 'this is Alan Johnston, for the BBC, in a basement in Gaza.'
  6. i bet he`s playing the "go on do it " card :evil:

    whats this 1.700 people signing a petition thing 8O
    since when did these people care about opinion poles etc

    nice vest,but orange isn't my colour :D

    id start running into walls as soon as the captors came into the room,that should shite them up.

    hope he gets released but these fanatics dont do the "sympathy" vote
  7. It was interesting that a few days before he was kidnapped he was on record as saying that the kidnappings in the area really weren't serious and that everybody was released after a few days . . from his tone it sounded like he was a bit disappointed. I am sure he's a decent bloke and is being very chipper and British about the whole episode, but I bet that interview is haunting him now.
  8. fcuk him, these peoples have been the ghouls at everyone elses misery, now he can live out his own story, and get some fly-on-the-wall insight into how the world works for the people whos suffering he has coined it in from.

    sorry, but current sympathy for media reps = zero, and falling.
  9. Anyone been round to cut his grass and feed the the things bloody starving!
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He's cacking his pants, but thinking long term . . . the Pulitzer prize! He hopes to god (whichever one they want) he gets out of this in one piece as opposed to many small ones, and if he does, he wants a hero's legacy, and a chocolate button.
  11. Yes I fed the grass and oh :oops:
  12. Well sumed up and quite probably true however, do they do a postumous Pulitzer?
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, I think it's called 'The Darwin Pulitzer' :twisted:

  14. I think your're right BC. He seems to have gone to that place in his head - a default position which transforms him into: 'TV journo doing piece to camera' - much as we would have done when really under the cosh.

    In our case, instinct, adrenalin and training take (took) over, to get through it - in his - just doing what he's always done just to get through it.

    He could well be out on the far edge of sanity, but I have a little cynical caveat which prevents all out sympathy. He could be in cahoots with captors - hope I'm wrong there.
  15. Good luck to him, he'll need it.