Proof that God exists ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. Decades of toxic waste not cleared up - The Mercury |

    The Zulus, understandably, seem to be thinking about picking up the assegais and returning the mercury waste spoonful by spoonful to company of origin. Thor Margate.

    The Health and Safety Executive shut down mercury processing at Thor Margate in the 80s.

    You'll notice that at Cato Ridge the lads have dug trapping ponds to hekp protect aquifer (some hope but good effort)

    It seems that after mercury and mixed solvent contamination of aquifer by Thor Margate was discovered, at the time of HSE inspection, the council decided to keep it secret.

    Someone then thought maybe the growing of cabbages on the field downhill side of Thor, should stop. Mercury laden cabbages being a tad difficult to market.

    The area unaware of the history got very irked at the Council plans to build council housing on the "Cabbage patch site"

    Local owner occupiers struggling to pay 13.5% mortgages did not want idle council estate tenants housed at public expense in the locale. And local labour councillors (read SWP) delivered lectures on Nimbyism and privilege against people whose privilege was working two jobs apiece to keep roofs over their heads.

    The estate was built. I imagine the good Lord was smiling on his hardworking owner occupiers all along. A council estate on what should have been dikes and pond trapments of the mercury and mixed solvent ground contamination.

    It turns out that, at the time, such questionable planning consents sailed through that Kent Police spent 2 million quid trying to investigate corruption at Thanet Council. And got nowhere.

    The TV broadcast protests from Cllr Bill Leadbeater council leader who had been arrested early one morning at his home.

    Of course one planning enforcement issue was the lack of any enforcement against a notorious gun range who did earthworks and built pavilions all without planning consent.

    Whilst fraud officers conducted a 2 million quid fruitless inquiry the local police licensing officers were chatting away to planning dept. They concocted a story that the growth of the range by the shrinkage of the chalk quarry edge had occurred due to natural erosion. Then some herbert got surveyors and the 1992 ordnance survey and proved the local police and planning wrong. Extensive earthworks had modified the range and extended it into neighbouring property.

    "What we need is a witness ?" thought fraud police "Who is the neighbour at the other end of the range ?"

    "Cllr Bill Leadbeater "

    2 million quid squandered ....
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  3. Proof that Bouncing Bellend is a cock.

    You really need to find the off switch on your computer, failing that try the off switch on your life.
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  4. Well he went to some effort to get his point out there.....what was it?
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  5. was it all the fault of the constabulary of a certain south eastern county?
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  6. Reading that gave me a headache.
  7. I could duct tape a hundred open whiteboard markers to my head and still be incapable of writing such drivel.
  8. I'm sick of your prejudice towards my home county's finest. They do a... a mediocre job, alright?
  9. Do I have to do everything around here?

    Thor a British based company....

    Bramling House




    CT3 1NB

    Maybe the Zulus will ask Thor to pay for the clean up if they don't, "thousands of them" will surround Thors compound!
    It will then be a job for Kent's finest to police the ensuing massacre.
  10. I think he's trying to say that he ate the produce from the Quicksilver Cabbage Co. and it's sent him a bit mental. Oh, and it's all the fault of Clark Kent. Or something.
  11. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    They'd need SLR's for that.
  12. They say that if you give an infinite number of monkies an infinite number of keyboards eventually one of them will write the complete works of Shakespeare. On the other hand if you give one ******** a keyboard then you'll get what the OP posted.
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  13. I'm sure you're right, but what has Thor got to do with the Zulu's. He's Nordic isn't he?
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  14. Martini Henry surely?
  15. And a bayonet with a bit of guts behind it.....
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