Proof that France helped Saddam Hussein

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Sep 8, 2005.

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  1. As was long suspected, Russia, China and our neighbour France were working behind closed doors to undermine the UN sanctions imposed upon Iraq.
  2. Schocking
  3. I would have thought that all the plans and documents in German and French that we found would be a bit of a givaway as well. All dated mid-late 90s.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    And the rather modern (e.g. post-sanctions) kit that was found in Iraq? Or was it all exported without their Government's knowledge?
  5. I know this is not going to be popular and I not necessarily condoning thier actions but at least they look after their national self interests !
  6. As to 'Russian businessmen' then they are private persons. There is no one proven fact of in volvement of Russian governmental structures. Mr.Galloway morally supported Saddam but can we say that the UK did it? As to Iraqi oil, then what was its destination point? It's USA of course. Source of oil was well known to American administration but it preffered to keep silence.
  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The Russian government, along with the Chinese and the frogs deliberatly blocked any attempst to reform or investigate abuses of the oil for food program. In the Russian case it may have been corruption or knee jerk anti Americanism, the Chinese simply look fro friends and influence wherever they can find it (witness Zimbawe) and the frog body politics is rotten to the core. This may have come as news to Cofi Annan - but its been public knowledege for years - been discussed on ARRSE before as well.

    Reform of the UN is even less likly than reform of the EU - too many vested interests. Too many snouts in the trough...
  8. From the same country that supplied Exorcet's to the Argy's. What can I say, I'm shocked.
  9. Hold up Sparky,

    Whilst you're quite right to slate the Frogs at all times and in all places, the Exocet line is unfair. We too sold the Argies stacks of kit they deployed against us, because until Galtieri turned on us Argentina had always been a CLOSE ally. Argie Tiger Cat SAM systems still had old RAF squadron insignia on them when they were captured - MOD hadn't even repainted them before selling.

    As for the exocets themselves, the Frogs sold them long before the war, and gave us full details as soon as the war started. The technicians who were actually on site in Argentina ensured the fuses of all missiles they could reach were buggered up. Hence only 2 went bang correctly. I don't have the stats for the number launched, but it was many more...

    They sold those legitimately and then stuffed up the mechanisms very honourably as an ally should. They deserve full credit for that.

    Much more interesting is the PHOTO in Le Monde (?) from 1970 something of Iraqi Energy Minister Mr S Hussain and French whatever minister Chirac shaking hands over the deal to build the Ossirak nuclear plant the Israelis later flattened. The commentry beside it quotes Mr Hussain as saying "with this Iraq will develop the first Arab Atomic Bomb".

    I'm trying to find a copy, though I have seen it somewhere.

  10. And it's not as if Brtain didn't arm Saddam in the early eighties, but hey, we're nothing if not fair and even handed , we armed Iraq too.
    In fact there's still a Chieftain Tank at Shaibah, still painted in European scheme, even after all the defence cuts, i'm pretty sure they were all retired in the late eighties.
    The Arms industry in this contry is one of the biggest exporters, and we export to pretty well anyone who has the money.
    So lets not get to high and mighty,
  11. look at all the stuff the septics gave them during the Iran-Iraq war!! alls fair when it comes to cash!!
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The Chieftains belonged to the Iranians and were captured during the Iran/Iraq war. There's one in Nasiriyah as well, in a park.
  13. Ok, I stand corrected.
    But my main point stands, Britain doesn't care who it arms , as long as they pay.
    A few years back they tried to stop the sale of BAe Hawks to Sri-Lanka,cos they might be used in ground attack role against 'insurgents'
    Pretty sure the Sri-Lankan Air force operate BAe hawk 200's now.
  14. Whilst waiting to come back from Telic 1 I managed to get my self on a right cushy number attached to some boys from down under in Ali Al Salem in Kuwait and they showed me round an ammo compound they had there. They showed me a roland missile that they had discovered while operating in Iraq. The missile had a manufacture date of 2002. French Barstards. They also showed me some Russian Ordance - don't know what - but also made in 2002.

    No wonder both countries opposed us going in to do the Business.

    They also had a Mig 29 as a gate guardian for when they got back to Oz - it was still in protective material.
  15. Remember Agincourt i say....