Proof that a mong regiment is not a good idea...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by shakerslad, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. Up to now the accepted wisdom has been that a regiment of drooling mongs would be an unstoppable military leviathan. A balloon, an ice cream and annihalation of the enemy is assured.

    New scientific evidence has now been unearthed that shows that their fearsome reputation may actually be a myth.

  2. Ah, but then he was faced with the nemesis of the mighty Mllarrrrrr...the pisshed off Father.
    It's the surge of adrenaline that the parent gets when it's offspring are assaulted, picked on sneered at or looked at for longer than 5 seconds by dubious feckers!! :twisted:
    Move over Mong Battalions the Regiment of Outraged Parents is deploying.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I can see something going horribly wrong with generating a succesful firing of the 'Angry Parent Platoon'. It could be a potential lethal logistical operation for the firer.

    I suspect that, had the kid stolen the mlarr's laboon or isekleem, neither the parent nor the kid would have stood a chance. It would have been a bloodbath at the O.K. McDonalds.
  4. Which one of you feckers put this?


    A source close to Mong Battalion HQ at RedLaboon Barracks have confirmed that the unarmed victim of this cunning and savage terrorist attack was actually on leave and (for safety reasons) without his side laboons or icekreems. He was innocently wasting time in his favourite weapons dealership (ice cream parlour) at the time of the unprovoked attack.

    The source went on to say that whilst kicking the 'kid' might be seen as an act of provocation by some, the kicking of Junior Mongmen by trained Mongmen is in fact an ancient tradition of the battalion and should not be be linked to this attack.

    Whilst the Mongman was not seriously injured those responsible for the attack should be aware that an appropriate level of retribution will be exacted and without giving away detailed attack plans the source said that the fighting strength of the battalion lay not in individual Mongmen but in whole battalions of them, all armed with fighting laboons and marching to the the chimes of the massed bands of ice cream vans. There is no hiding place for those that attack isolated members of the Battalion.
  6. I agree that all Units of the SOS (Speshul Outrage Services), Mongs, Pished Off Parents and General Service Outrage Passengers have the potential for 'Misfires', NDs and incidents of 'Fragging', their handlers must therefore be of the highest calibre and trained to the Nth degree of combat effectiveness......another job for the RAF Reg methinks. :twisted: