Proof Positive: Women Don't Know Squat!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jan 12, 2005.

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  1. An Australian Study [ those down under blokes seem to have a lot of fun with science ] that sought to determine the best position for women to use when urinating [ yup- that's the ' scientific study - love to hear how they ' recruited ' subjects ]..had to be terminated because.. well..

    Westerners could not squat for more than 30 seconds without falling over...[ not even the ' control groups' who weren't force fed Fosters ].. furtehrmore, the study showed that one third of the population was totally unable to squat [ no reason given ..but not hard to guess ]

  2. and?!....... so?!......
    and this proves what exactly?!

    actually, have you ever tried to 'squat' properly for that length of time?! It's quite difficult, unless you have good stretched tendons in your ankles and calves, which most of us westerners don't have anymore.

    Spare a thought for the ladies of old, who used to have to urinate standing up on occasions, under their hoops, petticoats and crinolene skirts....

  3. Australian interlectuals.
    luvs em.
  4. In this part of the world the effort's more concentrated on getting the squaters NOT to squat on the sitting seats as when they do you don't want to be the next one in the cubicle! Splashback? You ain't seen nothing like it... :( 8O :lol:
  5. Used one! As you know, girls have to go to the loo en masse so when we were in a pub in Berlin the 3 of us went together. There were a couple of cubicles & a urinal so though we were all very very drunk we decided to have a go. We all managed to go without peeing down ourselves or each other, but in all honesty I don't think I'd want to use it in front of a bunch of girls I wasn't very good friends with. :oops:
  6. Oh I get it you're Ok with flicking the bean in front of the other girls, but pissing in a cardboard phallus is considered over the top...and what's wrong with a little peeing on each other? :?
  7. Damn, I was trying to appear modest, but I've been rumbled... :roll: :lol: as far as I'm concerned there's nowt wrong with anything that goes on between consenting adults! :twisted:
  8. Who cares if they can squat will urinating? They could have tested something of use.....

    Like squatting over a bloke's face, while he attempts to lick the spam rosettes without dropping her guts.

    That to me seems like a more important study all together.


  9. show me your norks and give me a good nosh and I might like you in the morning Dozybint.

    unless of course you are BB incarnate in which case scratch the nosh and norks and standby for a proper stab in the neck with a bayonet
  10. You charmers you! Who said romance was dead?! :wink:
  11. You're such a smoothy.....

    Dozybint, can I bite your saddlebags while teasing your prawn with my nose?

    Unless of course you are blondebint incarnate, then I would like to stick my co ck up your arse and roger you until your spleen falls out followed by the rest of your vitals


  12. RRR - a highly arousing offer that I'm sad to have to decline! :(

    Oh & despite the 'Bint' part of my name, I am not BB / Doris / Whatever... I was unfortunate enough to choose this moniker before knowing that there was a rather unwelcome user who also had 'Bint' in her / his / its name. :roll:
  13. J_D

    J_D LE

    Bugger squating when having a whizz try peeing in a bottle.............that be funny to see
  14. Even funnier if you give to a mate to drink!! :lol: