Proof Positive that Laying About is Important

All those times I lay about on the sofa eyes closed in ' deep thought' - Not sleeping and being lazy - has been vindicated..

Researchers [ bless 'em ] now believe the cleverest way to think is while curled up in bed or on a sofa. Clinical tests have shown men [ and women ] can solve problems faster when lying down compared to when they are standing or sitting. [ according to the Sunday Times of London - in whom, of course, you can place absolute trust ]
'Scientists have discovered that noradrenalin, a natural hormone produced in the brain by stress, interferes with brain cells and reduces people's attention to detail and reasoning. When people stand up, it triggers a reaction in the brain which produces more of the hormone. But lying down decreases the concentration of noradrenalin and helps us think more clearly "

right, I'm off to do some serious thinking.. wake me in an hour...

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