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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by COXY2411, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. COXY2411

    COXY2411 Swinger

    I have been asked to provide proof of vaccinations. The jabs i had whilst at catterick during basic training in 2004 do not show on my records from my GP, does any body know if there is another way i can prove that i have had these injections?? :?
  2. 263A

    263A War Hero

    Tell them "they fukin hurt,honest"
  3. COXY2411

    COXY2411 Swinger

    tell me about it, i still have the scars, my discharge papers should be enough proof surely!!
  4. Morris_Viper

    Morris_Viper Old-Salt

    By who and why.If they were done at ITC Catterick by the med center why would your GP hold a record.Were you a reg at the time who is now joining the TA, if so they were mandatory then as they are now cant be bothered to look them up mengogog or something, i assume you are referring to these so you can attend TA CIC.If this is correct speak to your PSI who will know this and sign you off.
  5. COXY2411

    COXY2411 Swinger

    Polio, tetnus, diptheria ETC for CMS(R)
  6. polar69

    polar69 LE

    When I had my jabs I got an innoculations card or something, it was brown.

    Id be amazed if your gp had a record of them as they wont have been done by him, Glasgow should have a record of it though.
  7. COXY2411

    COXY2411 Swinger

    will i still be on record at glasgow? DAOR in 2004
  8. Morris_Viper

    Morris_Viper Old-Salt

    They will have a record of you serving but i doubt they will hold a copy of your F Med 4.