Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Redshaggydog, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. Today I happened to pop into our local Post Office in order to gain some foreign currency, upon taking the order the bloke behind the counter asked for ID, either driving license or passport!

    I passed over my ID card as it was the first thing to hand in my wallet and I do not generally carry my passport around with me. The ID card was refused as proof of ID and I was again asked for either my driving licence or my passport.

    Is this normal? Is an ID card not a valid form of identification for the Post Office or was this individual just being a jobs worth?

    Whilst I understand that some companies require proof of address, my passport does not have my address in it.

  2. I have similar experiences elsewhere, like the bank. The lady behind the counter stares at me like i eat babies for a living and then asks me if i have anything else due to MOD 90 being "easily forged"... bollox! Who would walt around with a fake military ID card?
  3. And I wonder how easy it is to forge a driving license. Also which of either would be the most use to your average crim... not the ID me thinks.
  4. The only time i ever use it is for getting back into camp, its fcuk all use for anything else. Went to pizza hut last week because my mate swore blind we got a discount for being in the forces and all we had to do was wave our IDs, alas the only force that gets a discount there is the Police. The cheeky fekkers have the nerve to mince through London about their pay AND they get free pizza, im in the wrong job.
  5. You'll get a free Pizza at my place....alas you may have to travel a wee bit :lol:
  6. An old problem, even back in the days of paper driving licences with no photo the jobsworths in the bank/post office and thinking about it most places requiring an ID used to prefer a driving licence without a pic on it to a MOD 90 C/W 'best posed crim like Mug Shot'....
  7. I think it's more to do with training civmongs in recognising different types of ID. If you only accept two forms of ID - then you only have invest money to train your staff on two types.

    Otherwise you would have to train for;

    Fire Service
    Pizza delivery
    Gas/Electricity meter reader
    BT staff
    Council/government ID cards, etc, etc.

  8. Do you deliver?
  9. CC TA wrote:
    I think it's more to do with training civmongs in recognising different types of ID. If you only accept two forms of ID - then you only have invest money to train your staff on two types.

  10. msr

    msr LE

    If it is any consolation, they won't accept my work's ID either...

  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    The Post Office used to put up a list of all the forms of ID that they would accept, and "HM Forces ID Cards" were amongst them.

    Sounds like your counter staff (it's like a member of staff but they don't want you to have anything (sort of anti-staff)) is being a mong.

  12. try domino's its 50% off there.
  13. That's a rather personal question to ask?
  14. Whilst in Munich i had to take one of my chaps to the local spam krankenhaus only to be told our RAF 1250's didn't prove we were members of the British Royal Air Force. Luckily the Bundeswehr were only too happy to oblige and didn't laugh too much at my pidgin german. Mein freund ist krank an der kopf, wir mochte ein arzt :oops: :lol:
  15. Happened to me back in the 70's,home on leave in London,went to the bank where my UK current account was,made out the cheque,signed it in front off female cashier,when asked for I.D. dragged out the MOD90,and? Sorry sir,do you have a driving licence,FFS,dragged out BFG licence(pissed off by this time),no sir british driving licence.

    Asked to see the Chief Cashier(don't think they have them nowdays),sorry sir he's busy,gave her my surname,told her to go away and check,how many members of my family banked at the branch (including brother-in-law,who is loaded,still),came back and basically said,and? How would you like to loose all the accounts in one go sweetheart? Distinct change of attitude,the thing to do is make them feel uncomfortable,at not being able to do their job properly,and being one of the few people on the planet,not able to recognise a Forces ID card.

    But,basically your right,they're just tossers! :roll: