proof of ID at selection

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by josh14399, May 20, 2013.

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  1. Hi just found out last minute that I have my selection next week and need to take three forms of ID with me. I've managed to get two forms of ID but I'm not sure what to bring for a third, the two I have are my photocard + counterpart driving licence and my birth certificate. Would a mobile phone bill or a few years out of date Passport be any good for a third piece of ID? I got a bank statement from my local bank branch but it had no personal details (name and address on it) which means it's probably no use. Has anyone been to selection recently? if so what did you did you take for ID?
  2. Take a bank statement or similar bill with your address on it.
  3. I got an email with a list of acceptable forms of ID and one of them was utility bill. Would a mobile phone bill be classed as a utility bill because that is the only bill I get that has my personal details on. Been trying to contact my candidate support manager all day but they don't seem to like answering phones.
  4. Josh, sage words of advice, don't worry about it, just take either a bank statement or your mobile bill, or both. The army isn't going to pap you off because you didn't have an exact 3rd form of proving your ID.
  5. Take your mum.
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  6. I took a bank card, birth certificate and NI card, that was enough.
  7. Take three pictures of yourself with the word 'me' written on the back of them ^~
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  8. I was stuffed for ID with an address when I got back to the UK after 15 years away. A bank letter and mobile phone contract has done me for everything so far

    ISTR that there are only 2 legally valid proofs of identity, photocard driving licence(with counterpart) and passport, anything else is a proof of address/residence
  9. I'm just hoping I have enough ID for when I get to Phase 1 on Sunday. I don't have a passport or driving license, just birth certificate, NI card, bank card/statements and an old college card.
  10. When did you start your app mate?
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    Hope this helps
  12. As for your ID card as soon as you arrive, that will give you another one for free ^~
  13. Thank **** a bank statement isn't a requirement, all my bank statement ever shows is my wages being paid in then it being raided on a Friday & Saturday night.
  14. They kind of expect that - it's what happens as soon as you get to battalion anyway