Proof, if proof was needed!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by lsquared, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. If anyone had any doubts that the European Soviet Union was anything other than a gold-plated, diamond-encrusted trough for sick, lame, lazy, dishonest and useless politicians, then a news item lays that doubt once and for all.

    Why? Prescott has been appointed to be :

    'a British representative on the Strasbourg based Council of Europe'.

    Such a travesty of this nature couldn't be dreamt up in the most far-fetched fiction of all time.

    No information has been given as to who will look after the fat and useless cnut's constituents in Hull, whilst he is porking it up in Eurine-land.

    What a joke!
  2. Neil Kinnock did it, as did his entire family by some accounts, and he never served in Government. Being an MP is all about stuffing your pockets, nothing new here with 2Jags. He still has some currency with me for chinning that bloke that egged him.
  3. Latest in a long line

    Kinnock, Patton, Mandelson to name but a few.

    All sudden converts to the cause once the full glory of the pay-packets and perks become obvious
  4. We can only hope that even Prescott's industrial capability for digestion will baulk at the Strasbourg trough. Pate de Foie de Prescott Plus Gras anyone?
  5. Fat useless, pie eating, god foresaken, double jag driving, useless fat, pie eating, god foresaken, double jag driving

    Ex 1/2 prime minister nobody, who ever took notice of, god foresaken, double jag driving fat pie eating CNUT!!!!
  6. No shocks here. I recall one euro MP being questioned by a journo outside the chamber many years ago and was asked what he though- his reply was that he had no idea what they were talking about and thus could not comment.
    I always wanted 'The New Statesman' to have a final cynical and satirical series with Alan B'Stard as a euro MP.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Tinfoil hat on . . . so, this whole 'Neue Arbeit' thing wasn't actually anything at all to do with rebranding a bunch of Britain-hating communists at all so that they could get into power.

    These cnuts were actually sponsored, slicked-up and put in the voter's sights as the trojan horse for the European Soviet Union. Now they have done their dirty work, they can happily fcuk off to the superstate headquarters without fear of being voted out by their constituents for being traitors. Not only this, but they managed to get themselves EU diplomatic immunity whilst they were at it.

  8. That is exactly why I am getting p1ssed off with this site.

    Fcuking fence sitters!
  9. The only thing that surprises me about this is that anyone is surprised.
  10. Maybe i'm wrong on this, but i'm pretty sure he has quit or is about to quit as an MP.

    Still a fat cnut though.
  11. Nope, the fat cúnt is staying on as an MP so he can continue to claim 100k a year in expenses to keep his jags nice and shiny.

    The job with the Council of Europe is unpaid (just expenses). It is not an EU job. The Council are a bunch of lefty cúnts who dream up abortions like the Human Rights Act and then pressure all the governments of Europe to agree to make them laws. Very surprisingly they have done some good stuff, especially with the ECHR, but apart from that they are a talking shop.

    God knows what they will make of the illiterate cúnt from Hull (hopefully a rifle target).
  12. :worship: :worship: :D :D Effing funny after two glasses of Montana SB
  13. Thought you were talking about me till you said 'double jag driving'.

    If you'd said council barrow driving then It would have been me :wink: :wink: