PRONTO… help required.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by True2Blue, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. Because of the complexity with the added addition of being a bit out of date, I need help for signals equipment.

    Possible base station that can also be used in vehicle.
    Recommended second hand military kit, with possible radio’s spread 20 miles apart.
    But would be capable of reaching over 200+ miles.

    Basically 2nd hand communication kit for jungle terrain.

    What would your recommendation be, starting from scratch?
    Mobile phones are useless for the area, but need constant comm’s.

    But no A41 or WW11 type Clansman. :smile:
    Any help would be most appreciated, even if by PM.
  2. Army Radio Sales Co. - Home


    From what you've said PRC 320 or PRC 319 the 319 being more powerful at 50w.

    Constant comms will be out for the jungle if using HF as it will be pants at night.
  3. Thanks SM, good start point. Looking at the 320.
  4. Satellite phone?
  5. I was comparing sat phones with PRC 320s. PRC 320 base unit (second hand, probably 30 years old) £425, then there's the bits to make it work, and providing it with 24 volts... ...and providing maintenance support... ..and (probably) export/import certificates, etc.

    And sat phones can call people who only have telephones.
  6. I suppose it's going to come down to what True2Blue is planning, overthrowing governments, jungle training or airsofter reenactment.
  7. Nothing like the J. Banks scenario :lol: :lol:
    More on the civ type engineering community.
    But need to ensure comm's between all for the obvious reasons.
    Sat systems, have been a consideration, but as you say puttee, no good for direct Immediate required response.
    Also the worry of recharging, although generators and solar can be got.
    No prob's on licencing.
    Perhaps some other civ / base unit with radio's could be considered.
  8. Thanks SM, looks more of the sort I'm looking for.
    Told you I'm out of date .

    I think the above link has the UN handbook for info on CODAN HF, some good stuff to get started.

    You may also want to think about VHF for local comms and depending on terrain and if you can get a repeater in how far you can stretch this.
    Motorola or ICOM for this
  10. Again thanks SM, I have saved and will go through it, (I do have a little time) prior to the off.
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Can't you get a temporary Cell phone base station or series of base stations set up?

    Pretty sure I did something with a version of a motorola once somewhere. Never actually saw the kit, just stood on top of a huge roof with a battle bowler on trying to fix a huge antenna to the building.