PRONTO… help required.

Because of the complexity with the added addition of being a bit out of date, I need help for signals equipment.

Possible base station that can also be used in vehicle.
Recommended second hand military kit, with possible radio’s spread 20 miles apart.
But would be capable of reaching over 200+ miles.

Basically 2nd hand communication kit for jungle terrain.

What would your recommendation be, starting from scratch?
Mobile phones are useless for the area, but need constant comm’s.

But no A41 or WW11 type Clansman. :smile:
Any help would be most appreciated, even if by PM.
I was comparing sat phones with PRC 320s. PRC 320 base unit (second hand, probably 30 years old) £425, then there's the bits to make it work, and providing it with 24 volts... ...and providing maintenance support... ..and (probably) export/import certificates, etc.

And sat phones can call people who only have telephones.
I suppose it's going to come down to what True2Blue is planning, overthrowing governments, jungle training or airsofter reenactment.
Nothing like the J. Banks scenario :lol: :lol:
More on the civ type engineering community.
But need to ensure comm's between all for the obvious reasons.
Sat systems, have been a consideration, but as you say puttee, no good for direct Immediate required response.
Also the worry of recharging, although generators and solar can be got.
No prob's on licencing.
Perhaps some other civ / base unit with radio's could be considered.

Mr Happy

Can't you get a temporary Cell phone base station or series of base stations set up?

Pretty sure I did something with a version of a motorola once somewhere. Never actually saw the kit, just stood on top of a huge roof with a battle bowler on trying to fix a huge antenna to the building.
Can't you get a temporary Cell phone base station or series of base stations set up?

Pretty sure I did something with a version of a motorola once somewhere. Never actually saw the kit, just stood on top of a huge roof with a battle bowler on trying to fix a huge antenna to the building.
Mr H, that would be ideal, but for the fact that the Gov in that country may not look too kindly.
Also the cost of a cell phone base station (the switch) if memory servers me well, runs into six O's,
even if you could aquire them 2nd hand. :shock:
Have you looked at these. We used them as part of the PRT in Northern Afghan. Hand helds and Veh fits available. HF comms were excellent from Veh Mounts. If AE became damaged you are able to bastardize quite easily.

Welcome to
Some really good advice here. I am a self confessed comms biff. If it is W.Africa that you are working, I have heard good things about Codan, unfortunately I struggle with it without the laminated Aide Memmoire. I cant seem to get it to stop jumping from channel to channel, and to transmit can be a a right drama-rama. However everbody else seems to find it straightforward to use.

Sat phones are good, but the ones I ordered had to be fixed to the wall and had a cord linking the handset to a sort of base station rendering them useless. I have seen other guys with ones that are basically a little bigger than mobile phones and seem to be great, I wish I had got those instead. A word to the wise, I trusted my local troops with the wall mounted sat phone, and they ran up a huge bill, in a few nights. The firm put a set ammount in the bank account set aside for such expenses every month, however the excessive use by one local WO led to a bill that exceeded the ammount in the account, and we were promptly cut off, mid deployment.

I learnt that in the Jungle the VHF radio's I had been using were of no use. A soon as we got out into the creeks, we got strung out and lost all comms. I ended up spending my time frantically scrabbling around trying to find mobile signal on my UK O2 phone to try and call back to the ops manager. However on the second day the battery died and we were stuck.

Quick question, this is the third time I've heard people mentioning EQ in the last few days. I've also had an email asking me about whether I have worked there before. Whats going on? Thatcher planning on finishing the job?
You can get the Thuraya satellite phones with pay as you go and have top up cards, that's how we issue them to the blokes with $20 in the phone and and another $20 scratch card which they sign for. That gets us round the issue of big bills. Not used for general comms, we get them to text if it's not urgent also.
Remembering to get mobiles for the lads/client and a base station for the ops rooms as they only work outside.

VHF is for shorter range but can be extended if you have a repeater and access to high ground/mast and power. VHF will be good for local area comms or inter vehicular if in a convoy.

HF will be good for a bit of distance and jungle working but will fade to nothing at night

You may also want to think about Satellite Internet services for your ops room, it's pretty reasonable these days. Ask these chaps what they can do for you. Satellite Internet from Broadband Satellite Internet Providers Bentley Walker

It will make life easier and if you get factored in to the budget from the off then winner rather than trying to find the money later. You can run email and a VOIP phone on it to get in touch with wherever HQ is.

You will also need to get the radios fitted in the vehicles which is something to think about, getting someone to do it. It may also be worth paying someone to set it up for you and run training if your not going to have dedicated comms people.

I was only joking about Equatorial Guinea as the initial post was a bit vague and sounded a bit Wild Geese.
South Midlands Communications Ltd - Communications Solutions Worldwide
WSPLC | Amateur Radio | Transceivers | Yaesu | Icom | Kenwood | Waters & Stanton PLC

I've used both these companies often, and found them to be very useful for all sorts of gear.
Waters and Stanton are geared more towards the HAM market, but if you are short of space for antenna's etc they have a very good selection.
For keeping contact at close range, but having no line of sight, you will need to look at NVIS antenna's. Base stations will need at least 12mtr masts, plenty available commercially, and even on ebay, your budget will dictate. I would suggest keeping away from the ex mil clansman kit, as good as it was (in its day), it is difficult to get tech support and spares if it goes tits up. New cots equipment ( and guys have given you some good manufacturers in this post) can prove far more efficient and reliable as most kit is now using DSP, and a lot of recent kit will cover both the HF and VHF ranges in one unit, but you will need to check the specs on what the climate restictions are, ie humidity, cold/heat limitations to ensure you have the right tool for the job etc.
You have a lot of variables in your request, but read through these posts and they will give you a good baseline. if I can be of any further help PM me.
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