Pronator or Supinator?

Just take your old trainers along to a decent running shop and they will advise. They may cost more than JD Sports, but you'll get the right advice and eventually the right shoes. They will look at what sort of shoe it is, how it is worn, then go from there.
Scabster_Mooch said:
Would you recommend gait analysis or are they a load of rubbish? Thing about using the GA machine in shops is I then feel obligated to buy from them.

I guess I might have to pay a visit to one of those specialist shop and pay top whack. :(
Could you buy some socks or a running top, and while you're at it ask them to test your gait? You'd get the info you want, and they'd have a sale of sorts. So long as they're not busy, they shouldn't mind. You can always make clear that you don't have the money to buy new shoes that day.

The DIY ways to test gait that I know of are:

make your feet wet, get rid if excess water, then stand on newspaper. Look at area of contact with paper (wet area), shape of this will be a good guide to your foot type;

or - look at an old pair of your running shoes, see where they wear down most (outside - suppinator, inside - pronator).

Good luck.
Thanks for the advice but I've gone to a specialist sports shop. The shop assistant looked at the way I stood and walked on the treadmill and said I had a neutral gain in my left foot and was slightly over pronating on my right. He also said I needed bigger shoes.

I hope this is it because the last pair of shoes I bought I used for less than 10 miles. They cost me 80 quid! Who said running is cheap?
Your gait is the angle you leg lower leg moves at in relation to your foot as your foot strikes the ground when running.

The wet feet thing will only show if you have flat feet.

You need to get either your physio to organise a gait test (can be expensive) or go to a professional running shoe shop where they will film your gait.

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