Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Feb 22, 2004.

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  1. Good to see that yet again certain people in the Corps can get promoted from one CR. Nothing against them, they might be fine upstanding men but surely the corps is getting it wrong. They tell you that you need two CR's to make the board then shift the goalposts. Apparently it doesn't help your career if you go off to sandier climes. Oh well heres to next year,..................... now where is my posting preference to 9 Regt AAC.
  2. How do they get past the quality line with only one CR in the former rank? They haven't been subtstantive in their current rank for long enough to qualify for the next surely?
  3. Seen the list

    Had to laugh

    had to cry

    Those in AAC Manning in Glasgow dont give a hoot - To that end the Director also cannot give a hoot if he lets inexperience start to lead.

    All I will say is that this is the way (among other things) how the Corps will die - Start measuring yourselves up for your Blue Suits Ladies and gentlemen. Oh Sorry, I forgot to mention that they will not want the groundcrew.

    You have been warned.
  4. Any chance anyone can PM me the list of promotions, always a hoot to read who managed to bluff the promotion boards.
  5. Having seen the list...I want the OC of 7 Flt to write my next CR..he's much better at it than mine..... :wink: