Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by code, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. Roughly how long can you expect to spend in each rank as an officer? I read something about LTOS but can't find any more information. Obviously performance will play a part in it but could anyone give any speculation?
  2. In outline and assuming you are a graduate:

    2Lt - 1 Year (Paid as a Lt)
    Lt - 18 months
    Capt - 6 to 8 years
    Maj - 6 to 8 Years

    Non Grads will do 2 years as a 2Lt (and paid as one!), 3 as a Lt and then normal jogging. Cue much whinging about experience, seniority based on being pissed at uni etc etc.
  3. Thank you!
  4. . . . And to think i dropped out of University to crack on with my Military career . . .Typical . . . lol
  5. Grads and non grads are due to be aligned to non Grad pay. Can't find the reference.
  6. Sounds good. I begin Sandhurst in January. Hopefully the balls are in motion for this to happen by then . . .
  7. It should be in the directed letter for 2011 which follows the recently released report of the AFPRB.
  8. Thanks for the updates. Will have to keep an eye out
  9. could anyone post a link or copy the content on here please?
  10. What I have heard is that is to be unified across the three forces. Easy for green and dark blue, but harder for light blue due to them being 'speshul', hence the delay.
  11. I went through the report and couldn't find hide nor hair of this - anyone got a link, or know when this is to be implemented?
  12. What do you mean? Does all this mean that new grad officers will be payed less? Or that they won't benefit from having been to university?
  13. I'm afraid I don't know the details, just that it has been requested by The Armed Forces Pay Review Body (AFPRB). I was also slightly wrong in my original statement, apparently the Navy have a more complicated pay structure than the Army too.
  14. tbc

    tbc Swinger

    I was at PCCBC for CC112 about 3 weeks ago, and we were informed that the pay structure was unchanged (roughly £24000 for grads, £16000 for non-grads, can't remember the exact figures). Snoreador; any ideas when this new pay structure is going to be 'rolled out'?
  15. Can anyone suggest or confirm whether with the change in seniorities etc grad pay will be brought down to non grad pay. Especially the meagre 15K at Sandhurst - thats a big difference!!!