Discussion in 'REME' started by Fozza, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. went down to the careers office today for my barb and basic skills test. Ive one job in mind, and thats to be a sapper (fitter general). The staff down there is now telling me to look at joining REME as the promotion is fast.

    If i was to join REME i would be looking into either being a VM or Aircraft tech.

    1. Are the promotions just as fast as a VM as they are as an air tech?

    2. As a VM, would i come across a diverse worklife. i.e. many exercises overseas?

    3. Also, how long are the postings and where are they?

    thanks to anyone that can help me out here.
  2. VM and Air Tech are like Chalk and Cheese, my guess is if you were interested in becoming a Fitter Gen Wedgy then VM is prob your best bet; if however your maths is so good you'd find University Challenge a doddle then give Air Tech a shot!
    As for promotion VMs are one of the most undermanned trades in the army so if you're up to it promotion can be good, as an Air Tech you'll join up at 0800 be a Sergeant by NAAFI break and finish your first day as a Full Colonel!!!
  3. If only that were truye. half of them are women under MEN. The lucky few reach RSM a blow job status , the rest have to be content with suc king the coc ks of tiffies (provided thay can find the tiffy co ck).
  4. Been on the turps again fella?
  5. Rohypnol actually. Got blown silly by a ukraine bint
  6. Promotion is not even satisfactory in the VM trades in my opinion, but that's another thread. You are better to pick a trade that you enjoy then work on promotion from there. It would be unwise to choose a trade purely on promotion basis.

    I am currently serving with an Engineer unit and have served with 1 previously, the Fitter General trade has far more scope for advancement than VM (giving you dont go Artificer).

    1. Promotion for Air Tech is ALOT faster to Sergeant Rank than VM, then they kinda equal out unless you go Artificer, this means as an Air Tech, you will gain responsibility faster and get paid more, this is in the braodest of terms.

    2. VM have a massively diverse worklife, the working environment changes alot, equipment repair can be diverse and you definately will deploy on exercises. There are exercises in UK, Germany, Canada, Belize, Cyprus and Kenya. It's totally dependant on the unit where you will be exercising and there is also Adventure Training which can take place in roughly any country in the world.

    3. Postings are all over the world, roughly the now its around 30% Germany, 60% UK and the last 10% is Canada/Cyprus/Brunei.

    I hope this may help with your question and please bear in mind the figures etc ain't fully accurate. Above all research both trades ALOT more then choose, there's pro's and con's to each.
  7. Hi

    Thanks for that, thats helped me out. I definetely want to be a mechanic but wasn't sure if to do it through REME or as a sapper.

    Im thinking sapper as it seems more diverse and i may go on exercises more overseas. but i would like to know if the promotions are fast and if i stand in good stead to be commissioned in the future?
  8. Sapper Fitters are great at their trade but from my experience most don't get to do it as much as they'd like. I've even met some who agree that they are not current having just done 2 postings out of trade. I assume they share the Regimental Duty tasks moreso than we do in REME, only picking them up in REME Bns.

    As a VM you can get to work up close with the Combat Arms, alongside Recovery Mechanics, Armourers and Electronic Technicians (beware of their wide trade stream (Comms kit RADAR and all sorts of specialist stuff)). If you steer towards VM, like the thought of working up close and like the challenge of heavy equipment, then steer towards VMA and roam around searching out kit to recover and fix in your Warrior or CRARRV!

    If you consider yourself to have the aptitude for Air Tech, then providing you have the required leadership skills, you should be successul in Artificer selection and training, so potentially no worries about rank ceiling.