Promotions - Who knows the system? What just happened?

Discussion in 'REME' started by tiffybox, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. Promotions - Who knows the system? What just happened?

    The SSgt to WO2 list came out in March 06. My mate wasnt picked up on the board but I was, for the promotion year. He was gutted but I was chuffed.

    How comes he has now been promoted out of the blue and is wearing it before me?????

    I really dont get how the system works. Where did this last Corps order come from? 03/06

    Can someone please enlighten me? Ta.
  2. is this a look at me i got promoted thread or do you really not know how things work even as a wo2?
  3. Is your mate's rank local?

    Did you fall asleep during ACFC 3? Have you ever been to a MCM Div roadshow? To be a SSgt/potential WO2 and to claim to not understand the promotion system is clucking unbelievable! You are the man to whom the rest of the Ftr Sect looks for advice on such matters; I suggest you approach your OC and ask for your claimed promotion to be delayed for a year or twelve. Next you'll be telling us you're a WO1 who doesn't understand how the leave year works!
  4. Wow, you guys really showed tiffybox. If he didn't feel like an arrse before he sure does now.

    Now with out even knowing the guy, and guessing that he is a SSgt/WO2 I'm also guessing that you don't get to that rank by being a total idiot so although his question may appear limited I'm willing to bet there is more to it. Still, don't want to miss a chance to slag off a newbie to the site do we.

    By the way tiffybox, welcome to Arrse and congrats on your promotion.

  5. Always accepted that it is easier to take the mick than give an answer.....

    I will just be patient until someone does know...... :lol:
  6. There is obviously more going on than you're letting us know. If your mate is indeed wearing then maybe he came off last year's promotion board, the promotion year runs April to March, and he's only now filling the vacancy. It does happen, a WO in my current Unit came of last year's board and only moved to his new job and rank 2 weeks ago.

    As I said earlier is it local or acting rank? A friend of mine was wearing WO2 5 months after fininshing his Tiffy course because the job required a WO2. He lost it again 6 months later when the tour ended.

    Alternatively you could do something radical like ask your chain of command, instead of coming here bleating!
  7. :oops: "Alternatively you could do something radical like ask your chain of command, instead of coming here bleating! " :oops:

    OMG - I feel I have just come into the wrong forum or this one has been over run by the kiddies. But please, lets bring it on....

    I could go on to explain the forum theory and how it is an exchange for ideas, queries and questions etc... but I am measuring from the responses so far that I would be wasting my time. Such a pity since this forum comes recommended by many and to just react like some have then it does make it a little pointless.

    So I suppose I will have to keep trudging away through the out of date REME websites to see if I can find some definitive answers. Boring and slow going I know but there are less childlike comments in there.

    Novelty idea for those willing to read: Next time someone asks a question then maybe try to answer it for them? Or have we dumbed down that much within the Corps it is just easier to take the Pi*s? - Pity :(

    Now I have finished you can continue with your very humourous comments, bearing in mind that you are still sitting at your PC (in your boxers if at home) just wasting your time and not helping anyone. Back to the porn pages with you :)

    now, what was the question again.......
  8. As far as I can see you HAVE been offered advice.... You haven't answered the queries and are just reacting to what you see as the negative comments.... When I read your post last night the first thing I thought was: 'I wonder if your mate is aware of the real extent of your friendship'.... Be genuinely pleased for him and go sort your problem out officially. Notwithstanding the above, congrats on your promotion.
  9. tiffybox, it could be that your mate was selected on this year's list but placed on the reserve list. We only get to know if and when the individual is then needed to fill a suitable appt because maybe either a post has been newly estblished or perhaps if someone 'refuses' the promotion - it does happen. In this sit, your mate might be the most suitable and/or aval in the correct timeframe. Hope this helps. Your OC can find out from REME MCM Div if he'she asks.
  10. Tiffbox,
    whilst I do find it hard to believe you dont understand the promotion system fully or dont know the correct route for the info, I can sympathise with your reaction to some of the above comments, not.
    I would expect a decent fullscrew to be able to answer the same question if coming from a junior rank.

    Perhaps posting on the clerks forum may have received a better response?

    Most if not all of the posts within ARRSE receive a non helpfull reply, funny all the same though.
  11. Tiffybox

    Getting back to your original question, I believe that your choice of phrase ‘Promotions - Who knows the system? What just happened?’ could have been better chosen, however, rather than take the urine let me elaborate to the assembled comedy club as I too was trying to make some logic of the whole thing.

    I work in a slipper city organisation with many other tiffys, two of which are the same trade and do the same job as I do. One of these was fortunate enough to be selected on the last board and the other, like me, didn’t make the grade. To add some figures to the story; 76 went to the board – 35 were selected with an initial additional 9 reserves (looking down my crib sheet I make that 44 in total). The aforementioned friend of mine was placed 48th and I was placed 54th, hey ho such is life as they say.

    Now our friend who did get selected is fully qualified and is sat in a rank ranged SSgt/WO2 post, however, he has yet to be given a substantive date and isn’t wearing the rank. So imagine the surprise when good old Corp Order 03/06 hit the desk and our No.48 man finds he’s been a substantive WO2 as of 01 Apr 06? Where it becomes more confusing is that he’s not in a rank ranged post, he’s not getting posted out to fill a vacancy, and he’s not yet fully qualified.

    Now believe it or not I am actually chuffed for the guy as he’s a top bloke and in my opinion he deserves it, however, my educated ensemble, I now invite you again to answer Tiffybox’s question and try and explain how this ‘system’ actually works?

    I have written to the powers that be in Bonnie Scotland and invited them to elaborate, however, unsurprisingly up until now they have chosen to give me a serious ignoring. :wink:
  12. Well said Maj_B. I could not have put that better myself. Tiffybox is totally the kind of Tiffy that gives us hard working ones a bad name. Get a grip and read the literature available to you and stop humiliating yourself any further. No wonder your mate got it before you, they realisedthey had chosen dick-n-dorf and went for the better option. So i hope your mate is Sub WO2 as you quite obviously have quite a lot of developement ahead of you.
  13. Have you tried the Crafty mag?

    Or you could go for Soldier mag, they always answer the questions posed!

  14. Tiffybox, may I offer a suggestion that you enrol on the REME Wo Course at the RAS, the SO1 from MCM (or his SO2, Ms.Ph) give you a presentation on the promotion system, your syndicate will get to practice a mock promotion board with real CRs (names omitted) and then you get to write a CR for marking, all very revealing and definitely worth the 10 days in Ar "bore" field.

    Hope this helps

    Fact: Wearing headphones for just 1 hour a day increases the bacteria in your ear by 700 times
  15. tiffybox, I was once on a promotion board and was placed 27th out of 49 to be selected. I then chose the job that I wanted and had to wait until the end of the promotion year to be posted/promoted because the post was not available until then. A friend of mine was on the same board but did not get selected, however he was on the reserve list. He subsequently got promoted and posted to fill a post 6 months before me. Sounds like the same scenario as yours. Am I bothered? No. He's a good guy and I chose to wait. Stop fcukin bleating, get on with your life and stop asking bone questions.