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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gav482, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Can somebody explain to me the way promotions boards work
    i was recommended for promotion to sgt in the mpgs for the second year running and found out that i have not been successful for another year while checking the results i noticed a guy that i was more senior by a year had picked up his promotion has anyone else been through this and anybody shed some light on this as i think this is unfair that me and the other cpl both got a grades yet only he came of the board.
  2. Maybe his grasp of English gave him a bit of a cutting edge?
  3. he was better.
  4. Gav, its all about the chicken bones mate, where they land-nobody knows!!
  5. I am surprised that you have to ask that question here, as the MCM Div briefing sessions cover this question pretty thoroughly. However...

    Your CRs are collated by MCM Div into a folder and that folder is presented, along with dozens of other folders, to the Board. As long as you are eligible for promotion and have been recommended in your latest CR, your folder will be placed before the Board. If your CR hasn't reached MCM Div by the date of the Board, your folder will not be included.

    The Board is composed of Officers from your Corps with the MCM Div Section Officer as the Chairman (although this changes as the level of the Board changes). Each folder is passed around the table and each member reads the last 3 CRs and decides on a score for that soldier, out of 10. After a period of intense reading, the scores are collated. If the scores for Cpl X differ by more than 1.5 (or 15%), all are invited to review their scores. In fact, this happens rarely and such differences are usually quickly ironed out.

    At the end of the Board (and it is a very long and tiring day), the Desk Officer places all the scores on a chart, plotted against length of service. The number of vacancies is known, so a diagonal line is moved across the chart (which catches those with more service or a higher score first), until the correct number of candidates appears above the line. If you are above that line, you should be promoted in the next promotion year, providing you remain eligible. If you are below the quality line, you will not promote even though there may be a vacancy.

    The fact that both you and your mate collected "A" grades on your last CRs is immaterial; it is the strength of the write-up that was important - what you did during the reporting year and how you performed. Your mate may have better CRs from previous years, or he received a better write-up this year, or he has more service (not seniority) than you.

    The other fact to bear in mind is that the cut-off has to be somewhere, and there could be only half a point separating you from promotion. That doesn't do anything for you now, but go back to your CR and re-read it. Could you have done things better during the year? Did your OC forget to write about well how you performed on those tasks he set you? (You should have reminded him when you read the CR)! How did you perform when compared with your peers?

    It is an open reporting system and although I have just been buggered by the system, it is better than anything else I have seen!