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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Entanio, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I get the gist from reading around that to be promoted as an officer (e.g. lieutenant to captain) you are required to complete certain courses (please correct me if I'm wrong)?

    Assuming the above is true, do you know what courses/requirements have to be met for each rank?

    Please include full names rather than acronyms and descriptions if possible, I am not in the military but am exploring it as a possible future career.

  2. 1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. No - worry about it then, you'll have plenty of time.

  3. By the time you reach that point, the system will have changed.


    At least.

    And not necessarily in your favour.

    Trust me.

  4. Surely Officers just buy their promotions? or am I showing my age again??
  5. I certainly didn't buy mine... I inherited it with my grandfather's tweeds.
  6. They come in the cornflakes. Sort of.

    Lt to Capt requires completion of some courses, I think these are right and have been for the last 5 years at least, but more may have been added: JOTAC - Junior Officer's Tactics Awareness Course and MK1 - Military Knowledge 1, can't think of any others. Not just given to everyone who completes the time (2 1/2 years from commission if a grad), but is dependant on reports, recommendations, etc. BUT, you'd have to be pretty crap to not get it. Or a non-grad who didn't extend his/her Short Service Commission (SSC - 4 years from commission, up to 8 possible).

    Capt to Maj - more complicated. Not just courses, but boarded. So, you need time in rank as a Capt. Then need to be recommended. Only eligible for promotion after 9 years service, so also need to convert commission from SSC to IRC. This is also based on recommnedations on your annual reports and boarded - competition is heating up for this alone, let alone the board to Maj. If you get all that, then the qualifications are 3 Military analysis courses (study of a particular subject - themes do change) and writing of papers, committee meetings, group discussions, etc - 1 week residential courses. Also must complete MK2 (military knowledge part 2), which used to be electronic (i.e. online course) and in 1 part. Then changed to 2 parts and now may be 3, but I am unsure. Complete all education requirements, complete the time, get the recommendations and then succeed on the board. You must then attend ICSC(L) - Intermediate Command and Staff College (Land) upon promotion to Major to qualify you for your initial SO2 appointment (known as IG2 - initial grade 2 staff appointment for majors), sub-unit command and subsequent grade 2 (SG2) appointments, which you must complete for eligibility for promotion to Lt Col.


    I'll caveat all the above with the following:

    1) I've been in 11 years and the process from Lt to Capt has changed a few times, but essentially the process is the same, the exact courses have altered.

    2) Promotion to Maj has changed in that time, due to differing terms of service. Used to be age based terms of service (ATOS) first look at promo to Maj was 30, now Length of Time Served (LTOS), first look is 9th year of service. Education requirements have altered in content, but the course names are the same.

    3) I have a poor memory these days, but that is how I remember it happening/think it happens now/is what happened to me (depending on the area).

    Alles Klar?
  7. Thank you for your information django_strikes, it was very informative. Indeed, all is clear.
  8. JOLP is another cse for Lt to Capt (week long). And JOTAC is getting longer all the time. MK1 is also changing a bit....