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Before anyone say's "don't count your chickens" etc... There is a reason behind this question...

Does anyone know how long the process of coming off the board to gaining promotion takes?

i.e. letting the paperwork catch up.....

Glasgow!.... Any time from 2 weeks to 6 months!

Your unit can and sometimes does make you acting and wait for the paper trail to catch up, then you get a nice wedge in the bank one month as all the back pay lands!!! :D


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Agreed. Your promotion should dated wef the date the board sat, and so your pay should reflect this. Most units will notify people near immediately, but the paperwork has to be completed by the unit and sent off to Glasgow, who have to do all the inputting etc before notifying your unit of your substantive promotion (backdated to the date of the board). You are not officially in your new rank until that letter comes through to your unit, but as the guys have said, most units will put you up sooner.

If you are mobilised between the board sitting and Glasgow sending the confirmation letter back to your unit (2 weeks - ? months), unlucky. You will be mobilised in your existing substantive rank (the rank stated on your mobilisation paperwork). For this reason units need to ensure they submit promotion paperwork to Glasgow asap after the board to minimise the potential risk one very pissed off soldier trying to lynch the chief clerk!
God knows??

I must have been put in for it in april/may, actually presented rank a couple of weeks ago... so is it 5 months?
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