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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Christian_or_Lion?, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. :lol: ha ha ha ha :lol: he knows who!!!!
  2. Was that an in-joke for one?
  3. BDH

    Your comments are almost as refreshing as a cold glass of beer. Maybe its time we should persuade some others to apply? :roll:
  4. Who thought he was getting it WO1 **.?
  5. You should be able to guess with BDH's outing skills, but let's just say you're not far off. Still, he's got another 4 or 5 looks so don't be surprised in the future. I don't think he'd do too badly actually, we had our differences years ago, but he's doing well in his current post by all accounts.
  6. I for one really giggled!! Tried to make a couple of "consilation" phone calls - strangely enough the lines were engaged. I hope one of those NOT selected remembers where his stated loyalty doesnt lie. But hey ho, always next year.
  7. **. is a nice guy - I served with him for a while and never had a drama - As FB says - he's got at least another 4 or 5 bites of the cherry anyway.

    Why are we all so backstabbing? I've never known a group like it!!!!!!!! :D

  8. .............. and yes, I do it too :oops:

  9. Today I got a phone call listing all the SSgts to WO2. This is either a wah or a delibrate leak. Are MCM Div now testing the water by leaking Promotion Boards?
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator


    You mean they get leaked before the Chief Clerk hands the fax to the CO to hide away until friday?

    No way!
  11. Shocking!!! Who would do such a thing? Oh and the start of this thread is now N/A
  12. Today I saw a 8 1/2 year WO (7 1/2 in trade). Feck
  13. Would they be of The Ammo Tech Trade??
  14. Reference the 8 1/2 year WO. Although quick, I am not jealous. I reached my ceiling at LCpl - all who know me would swear to the fact.

    ParaG - retrade. Might cheer you up pal :x ----> :D