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Promotional slogans for towns - some new ideas...

Shrewsbury has been promoting its links with Charles Darwin (author of the classic "On the origins of species" and the theory of evolution) for a while now and most of the signs on the outskirts have the slogan:

"Shrewsbury - Birthplace of Charles Darwin"

However I can't help but think that if Darwin had to walk the route I travel to work each day, and was able to observe the various track suit wearing, mono-browed, six-fingered banjo players who inhabit the various council estates I am sure that he would be more inclined to favour a slogan more along the lines of:

"Shrewsbury - Proudly inbreeding since the 13th Century"

Do any ARRSE members feel other towns should have a more realistic slogan as well?


Bristol - Pick 'ee out they stingers moi Bab
Bridgwater - Now less smelly, but still shite
Weston Super Mare - Providing the nation's addicts with seaside accomodation since 1997

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