Discussion in 'Sappers' started by welshlad91, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. hey guys just wondering how often do u get promoted like how many years on average is inbetween each rank?

    any help appreciated :)
  2. That depends upon you, your trade and how many are in your cohort.

    Care to enlighten us on your length of service and your trade?

    The average figures used to be published by DASA and I'll have a rummage (they are used by the Treasury Solicitor to counter claims such as a private soldier in his first year claiming that "I could easily have reached WO1 by 30 years of age and then gone onto become Brigadier...").

  3. I asked similar question the other day regarding my son. He is a reccy mech and been in three years. Did mention sonething about going on a L Cpl course but nothing happened as far as I know (still I am only his Dad I guess). How soon could he be promoted? I assume certain people 'fail' promotions as there seems to be a lot of people on the lookout for promotion board results these last few days.
  4. I've only had one promotion in the last 18 years.
  5. Really? Not fancied it or something else? Or is it you are taking the piss 'cos I am a civvy?
  6. Don't think of it as 'failing', more like 'not yet ready' or 'there are only so many places available, and more than enough people to fill them.' Also, your son is much less likely to tell you about a selection board that hasn't selected him than one that has.
  7. And I've heard that was one too many, Puttees! :D :D :D

  8. He is in Germany at the moment so we dont talk very often and I tthink they are in the middle of packing up and getting back to Catterick. Despite our father/son communication problems I am sure he hasnt been on a course. I was just interested in how they select people for courses - I guess it includes, talent, application, maturity and all those things in life that get anyone promotion. I never think of him as some shining star or anything like that, just wondered how soon he (being an average bloke) would have to wait to be considered or start moving up
  9. But I did have 5 promotions in the first 15 years :)
  10. im not actually in yet i got selection on thursday but i was just wondering how long it takes. i am hopefully joinin as fitter general.
  11. The original poster has vanished, so I'll answer your question!

    No-one "fails" a promotion board. They just might not be selected - and there are good reasons for that.

    Your son has become part of a cohort; he and his contemporaries will move through military life as one. He will obtain his qualifications, gain experience and enjoy life with his colleagues. His Boss has to write an annual report on him (variously called a Confidential Report (CR) or Soldiers' Joint Appraisal Report (SJAR). In that report, his Boss will describe the 4 "P"s.... your son's post, personality, performance and potential. The report will be read and signed by your son in front of his Boss. Your son's Officer Commanding will then write a few sentences on him, concentrating on his potential for promotion and specific employments, and should grade him in comparison with his cohort, along the lines of "Cfn Smith is in the top third of his contemporaries and I strongly recommend that he be promoted now. He is suitable for employment in ......".

    Again, your son will read and sign the report in front of the OC (yes, that is a lot of report writing and interviewing for OCs and COs). The completed report goes to Glasgow and into your son's file.

    Now, there is some variation between Corps here and the rules have recently changed, and I am not at work and I can't check, so I am no longer on safe ground.... For promotion to LCpl, it used to be that once a soldier had served the minimum time for that rank and the CO had recommended him, then he was promoted. However, I think Glasgow has now taken everything in house and even private soldiers are graded at a promotion board, and I will describe that process.

    Once your son becomes eligible for promotion (and after 3 year's service, he should be), his name will be flagged on the computer. If he is eligible and qualified, his file is then placed before a promotion board of officers from his Corps (once a year for each rank). The Board considers the last three reports for him and his cohort and grades each soldier. The grades are used to sort the cohort into an order of merit tempered by length of service. Those at the top of the list will promote in the next promotion year. Those in the middle may promote if there are vacancies. Those at the bottom won't promote unless there is a "bloody war".

    Your son will have to be Class 2 at trade, recommended for promotion in his report and there will have to be a vacancy into which he can be promoted (which may be anywhere in the world...).


    Edited because I is a mong...
  12. Why do I always try to answer the difficult ones?

    I would guess 3-5 years for promotion to LCpl in that trade unless there is a shortage. Another 2-4 years to Cpl and another 2-3 years to Sgt. If you are very good, you will take 7 years to make Sgt, but realistically, the only soldiers who do so on a regular basis are RMP and some REME.

    It is important to remember that a huge swathe of soldiers serve for 4 years and leave as private soldiers or JNCOs.

  13. And the huger the swathe, the greater the opportunity for promotion.

    Conversely, in times of good retention, promotion can be a bugger.
  14. So, if current retention is so poor, why am I still a LCpl in charge of this poxy Bedding Store?

    I should be, at least, like, a General. :D