Discussion in 'Sappers' started by cheggarsRE, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. boys with the board due tommorrow i was wondering if anyone could post the results as due to the norm i am on leave and if i have to wait til im at work i have to wait til november...

    cheers lads
  2. If your in zone should your Unit not have your contact details. I know my Sqn took the details for all in zone so they could be contacted when the results came out.

    Armynet i believe will be displaying the results at 1200hrs on the 7th.

    I do stand to be corrected though.
  3. Normally they would call you.... I have to phone the OC myself.

    Tight Bastard!
  4. good luck everyone.
  5. yes the great thing is the number they have is for the phone which is in nokia heaven after drowning upon exiting a taxi....

    and armynet sucks for RE!!
  6. well aren't we switched on full-screw material, dropping your phone in a puddle, presumably of your own piss :)
  7. He is a lying cunt. He has only been to the Taps.
  8. not in my own piss no. sadly

    however you woulda thought that the place with 2 regts and an STRE would've squared the list away in the mess.....
  9. They're on Armynet now.
  10. Where? (cant seem to find it)
  11. Snap, I can't find it on Armynet either.

    Got last years on there but not this years yet.

    Anyone got a copy of the list handy?
  12. Thats last years at the minute this years still not on.

    Damn you MA beat me to it.
  13. Fingers are back on the pulse here.

    Got a change of job so name wont fit soon. ;)
  14. The DII Link is working.

    Id like to congratulate all the guys who got selected for promotion to the best rank in the Army.

    Especially well done to those guys from 23 AES.