Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. OK, so I'd gonna get some flak here but.....

    Any idea of the amount of time from the board sits, to actually getting the nod? (or bad news!)

    Just seems to be completely random and depends on the weather lol

    Sorry just hate not knowing :D
  2. Boards should remain extant for one year.
  3. Say again all after, Hello?
  4. Starting to sweat a bit BB? :)
  5. He never said "Hello"
  6. To be honest... I normally don't even think about it until they come out the line "oh and it seems somebodys dressed incorrectly" ....

    But, this time, just itching :)

    Fingers crossed I guess.
  7. VP was never my strong point :D
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Bloody 'eck mate, you're shooting up the greasy pole pretty quickly aren't you? Seems like only a year or so ago when you got your second!

    Who've you been fellating? :D
  9. The list is long, but distinguisted! :eek:
  10. The promotion for Royal Signals has changed recently. If I read the new PD101 correctly (on ArmyNet), some LCpls/Cpls in my unit can't be promoted as they don't have a B+E and are classed by the system as class 4 soldiers
  11. Great... I'll probably of left before getting the news then!!!
  12. Surely the correct level of driving licence has always been part of the qualifications necessary for promotion (based on class 3/2/1 pre-requisites etc) ?
  13. I always thought that the correct driving licence was a prerequisit for trade qual never mind promotion
  14. BB - if you're gonna get it, you'll probably get it on a (Regi)mental weekend, or when there's maximum attendance/dignitary floating about.

    I've recently learned that I may as well keep digging with my racing spoon, and stay dug in for another year, despite my efforts. I love being such a cnut!
  15. Laugh - i nearly shat!

    Next you'll be saying that comms units run comms exercises with serviceable kit and competent operators!