Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jdingers, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. for 5 years now i have been in the batalion and have gone nowhere. done my nco's cadre in november 2004 everyone else has been promoted, now im posted out of the regiment what should i do? my qualifications are not on jpa i have spoken to the regiment but they cant be bothered to sort it out. feel my life is going nowhere and really fed up with it all. does anyone have any ideas what i should do next?
  2. If you think you may have been unfairly passed over have you spoken to anyone, ie RCMO or line manager? Or is ARRSE your first port of call?
  3. Well i have spoke to my rcmo at my last unit and also my csm before i left my unit and they assured me that they would look into it one year on still no change. Just really wanting to see if anyone has been in the same situation and advice on my next move.
  4. Have you had your Coy Clerk check your P file (AF B9999)? - a copy of the cadre report should be in there. If not ask your clerk to get in touch with whoever ran the cadre and ask for a copy. Do you have any evidence of having done the Cadre, certificate or even end of course photo? - this may help.

  5. Yeah i have spoke to my old coy clerk and they said that there is not anything on file and and the csm said that he would have a look but no reply and that was about 2 months ago ever the training wing have nothing.
  6. I would think in your position now the best way ahead is to request a formal OC's interview - this will be recorded in the interview book and hopefully the ball will begin to roll.

  7. You're not on JPA?! That means you not in the Army! Get off this site immediately!!
  8. please reread what you highlighted. i said my qualification are not on jpa ie my warrior, 432, cvrt licenses to name but a few (and my nco's cadre is not on there either) not that i am not on jpa at all!
  9. Reference your quals on JPA. Although the unit can input them, they do require course reports, however, since the implementation of JPA, it is the accommodating unit that are responsible for:

    a. inputting this information onto JPA
    b. Arriving you at that unit through JPA move and track (for the period of the course).
    c. Starting GYH

    That said, if for some reason this has not been input onto the sytem within a reasonable amount of time after returning to your parent unit i.e. 6 - 8 weeks, then the unit, after having confirmed with det unit and on receipt of fax of course report, can input this information under competences.

    For older courses, assuming they have your old UNICOM print out, then these can be input directly.

    This action should have been done during JPA migration, however, unfortunately some slipped through the net.
  10. thanks very much help appreciated
  11. Your best bet is to kill yourself in front of the Battalion Orderly Room, preferably with a sign around your neck stating the following:

    'My career is going nowhere'

    At least those in the same boat as yourself both at present and in the near future will benefit from your sacrifice.
  12. it would get the point accross anyway!
  13. It surely would.

    You could always try the other route and whinge to the CO that you have 3 kids, a £10.000 loan and your missus has bunions. That usually gets blokes promoted over those who don't whinge.
  14. Now not wanting to start an almighty row, however, a JNCO cadre only qualifies you for promotion, it does not mean you deserve promotion.

    Have you been recommended for promotion in your CR, if so was it:

    He is the dogs gonads and should be promoted instantly (or similar) – this means you have missed out and have a grievance.

    He has a strong recommendation for promotion – means by now you probably should have been promoted and have been hard done by

    He is recommended for promotion in his turn – means don’t hold your breath it's a nice way of letting you down

    Anything other – means you should take Fallschimjager’s advice (edited to say the bit about killing yourself not your wifes bunnions)

    Hope this helps
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    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Are we having a bad day GCO?