:evil: Lets talk promotion,what you gotta do to get promoted round ea?(from Cpl to Sgt).They keep promoting these village idiots that have no quals,unfit,havent done EFP or RSJCC,crap at their trades and have been a cpl 2 minutes and in the army half an hour. Where the rest of us go out and do all the courses,good at our trades and go on op tours and get blinding reports, and then come the board results.........oh what a suprise......promoting these fcuk wits.Well lets look forward to the next board eh!see what steakheads they promote then :twisted: :evil:
Tad bitter are we?

Calm down before you blow a fuse :D How long have you been a Cpl?

Have you discussed your position with your Troopy or OC?

How were you presented at the board? Did you get a good write up? What may have been good to you may not have been read that way at the board. If you were not put across as mature SNCO material you would be on an uphill battle no matter how many courses etc you had completed. :?
You`ve missed the point a little. Remember that many got a waiver from RSJCC and EFP1 in the transition to JCLM. Its a bitter pill to swallow but was not limited to the Signals, It had to happen to move on to a new system.

Some of your points are valid but it all comes down to to the "overgrading" of CR`s something that is a problem in our Corps. Im afraid it just is not a level playing field in that sense.

Moaning doesnt help(although we are all guilty of it to some degree), your best bet is to move on to a new unit and continue to work at it.

Being a footballer doesnt help, but then you know that already dont you Ricky?

Maybe you should rename yourself, the Corps is not THAT big :twisted:
Lets talk promotion,what you gotta do to get promoted round ea?(from Cpl to Sgt).

You need to look deeper in the cornflakes box!!!! :wink:
overgrading isn't just a problem in the Sigs.....don't forget the Sappers too :D
Remember that you need to try and find a way of sticking out when they read your CR file.

Do things like more mil skills and adv trg courses, not necesarily just your trade. Your trade aptitude isn't enough these days - just bite down on that bitter pill and accept it. Try and show that you're multi-dimensional.

I'm fed up with being promoted, you can have one of mine when I go. Now do you feel any better?
Well Ricky the fact is you must be mis-reading your report or someone is blowing smoke up your arrse.

Overgrading does happen but it is not as prevelent as some may think. Although nearly 80% of any rank receive an A grade and we all know that means performing well above the standard expected. Boards are briefed about the overgrading trends that exist at any specific time, but it is obvious anyway.

'Steakheads' (very strange term!!) get promoted ahead of you if they have a strong profile and clear potential. Soldiers are not promoted because they do their job well but because it is thought they can perform at the next rank. Therefore Ricky, you must concentrate on displaying that potential. take the initiative, lead by example, learn key (rare) skills and avoid the caustic and cynical style you seemed to have fallen into.

As a last point ask for an interview with your RCMO and ask him to go through your report line by line. You may discover your report is not as strong as you thought.
UUOhONE...If u r giving em away can I have one?....but if I have to wait until such time as you leave I will be on my pension...Sprog ;)
wibblefishbanana said:
UUOhONE...If u r giving em away can I have one?....but if I have to wait until such time as you leave I will be on my pension...Sprog ;)
Christ wibble, this thread dragged you out of semi retirement
Oh Dear, Not having a good year then!

Maybe it's your attitude that's holding you back. Perhaps you're not as good as you think you are. It's easy to believe your own publicity and be a legend in your own NAAFI break! You are in danger of becoming one of those uptight ********* that the Corps is full off. Chill out.
Mate promotion is a lottery and as long as you keep buying a ticket you will be in with a chance. :lol:

Dont be bitter just do something about it. Do more courses, different from the norm, arrange stuff get different things for you peers to do that are enjoyable and not work related.

Trade means knack all in our business mate as long as you are the right trade class for promotion then that is about all that matters.

Best bit is once you get into the mess then all those people that are making you so mad can have a piece of that madness and, as long as the right people arent looking youll stay in the mess know what i mean. What happens on tour stays on tour etc etc etce blah blah.

CR overgrading is a disease and it is spreading so the right noshers get to the right nosherish posts.
Boney_M....Semi?...I dont do a semi anything (well maybe after a bottle of whatever is laying about at the time).

Anyway, back on thread...why is it that individuals have such an aggressive attitude towards others who are promoted ahead of them? Congratulate them! And more to the point, if you are better than them it will be immediately noticeable. The cream will always float to the top...(Unless some fukka keep shakin the bottle)
Eh? WFB - why aren't you cynically abusing everyone? Are you tired or something? Shocked and stunned. :wink:

Oh dear! :( Looks like I gotta dust off my abusive head to prevent further disappointment. :D
Fireteam01 said:
You don't get promoted for one - or a combination - of the following reasons:-

1. You are too young

2. You are too old

3. You are not good enough
Or you're trolling just to get some bone like this one.
I was passed a great bit of wisdom you might find not very usefully but i will share it with you anyway,
In the forces the idiots get promoted, as that normally means they get posted where as if you are good at your job they want to keep you, hence no promotion.
in other words 'You get promoted to height of your incompetance!!'
Thinking about it now, its probablly why i moved around so much!! lol

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