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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mad4itforever, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. does anyone find it srange that man recs promote people that have signed off, personnally i think it must hold up other people who may be waiting to come off i know 2 people on the lcpl-cpl board who have signed off and come off they are out soon aswell. this must hold up other soldiers. any thoughts or answers on this? :x
  2. Never mind that, are you in the Royal Signals; the organisation at the forefront of communication in this Army of ours?

  3. if you are on about a few spelling mistakes or typing errors then you are sad obviously you have no input so why reply,

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  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    If the other soldiers were good enough then they'd have come off wouldn't they? Once they leave there will be slots for others, why hold back someone who is going to be good in the position, they might then decide to stay.

    Learn to spell, it's not hard. Takes a few seconds to check what your going to post, people just think you'er a Knob if you don't.

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  5. I have always seen this no matter what board it is, apparently they are offered promotion to sign back on, or the promotion goes to the next one down in the so called "shadow board". To be honest though if you have signed off you shouldnt even sit on the board as you have no interest in stayin in the army, why should the army have interest in keeping you ! Those that sign back because of promotion dont deserve it as they are showing how weak and poor at decision making they are !
  6. "you're"

    People in glass houses and all that malarkey.
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

  8. It's probably a way of tempting good people to stay in. Promote them but only let you wear it if you sign back on sort of thing? I don't know.

    MCM Div is a strange place.
  9. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Does this mean that if you have signed off then you dont have to do anything as the army has no interest in keeping you - not bad for your last year in. :oops:
  10. If a soldier who has given his NTT is selected off the promotion board (and why not if they work hard) they must sign back on before they can be promoted.

    If they stick to their guns then maybe some other soldier will be given that opportunity.

    No point moaning about it! They have everyright to make the board.

    Ive seen both sides, I have lads well into their 7-9 month of NTT and they still give 110%. Then I have the ones that are in their 2nd month of NTT and have pull right back and need "extra" management!
  11. Promotion now thats a laugh, have ya seen some of the spogs bouncing off this latest board! ja ja wunderbar!
  12. Reporting Officers should not write on a CR that a soldier has signed off. This means that everyone should go to a board and be judged on their performance that year.

    If a person subsequently comes above the promotability line promotion will be offered. If that person has previously signed off to take it you need to sign back on.

    Reserves are taken on the board so that if someone selected choses not to take promotion, regardless of whether they have PVR'd or not, then then next person down on the list will be offered promotion - normally against a fixed posting. i.e there is a space at a Regt in the promoted rank, if you want to promote you take that post.

    If not you go back into the pot for the next year to see if you come off on the Main Board.

    As stated above some people who PVR still give 100% and deserve to be selected for promotion, regardless of whether this changes their mind.
  13. It would appear that you're still a mong..... :D :wink:
  14. Just as a reminder for those reluctant to change:
    1. "Man recs" presumably Manning & Records, no longer exists, it was at Reading. It is now MCM Div and it is at Glasgow, it has been for some considerable time.
    2. There is no such thing as a "Shadow Board". There is a Reserve List that is composed off the main board. If anyone either signs off or God forbid is knocked down dead, then those on the Reserve list are considered. They are all above the Quality Line.
    3. Having an Outstanding performance is not the same as an Outstanding candidate for promotion. Potential is weaved into the mix and Board members will score on their perception on what is written in front of them.