Anyone got the LCpl to Cpl board results
Had the whisper its tomorrow but some say other units have had it 8O
Got a couple of mates who are slightly interested :wink:
Yeah nice one sweetcheeks
As I asked anyone got the results


I don't have a copy, but it was released today (2 Aug), so should be in units.
No please less help

Jesus H Christ FFS

I know, you know, its just those on high seem to think its a secret.

So once again does any one have a copy!!

Aw screw it what do I care I was only trying to put the lads mind at ease.
Gundulph said:
Last_Four said:
Im at gib and we were told its not out till tomorow

LMFAO .... Where is the Heart_Stopper when you need him 8)
at the schnell-imbuss :wink: :D :wink: :D
results are now coming out on the 3rd the fcukers likie to keep every 1 in suspense they just delaying the drownin my sorrows event of the year (again)
its ok got one now
knocker77 said:
Has anyone got a copy to post on here, cause it will not be posted on armynet till next year probably
it is there now.
Yeah i had a call from my OC to. Wouldnt tell me any names that did get it! Maybe as a Lance Jack my security clearance is too low???? Who knows. Wouldnt mind a look though if i can get a copy as i am on leave!
Fat_Homer said:
onIt is not accessible via career/promotions and appointments/RE is there another link?
common corps tag on promotions list.

no longer avaible through the corps page.

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