Is the AAC NCO promotion system fair?

  • Yes, I made WO1 in the default amount of years.

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  • No, I'm still a Cpl after 15 years of sterling service.

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  • I'm all right jack, I'm an E3, my old unit did me a favour.

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  • I'm shagged, I'm an E3 and I've been career fouled.

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  • I'm not interested as I have golden bollocks so I'll get it either way.

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  • I'm not interested as I have no ambition.

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Couldn't give a monkeys toss, I'm out the rat race soon so kiss my arrse
Any time two or more Soldiers get together the promotion system will enter the conversation, as everyone has a gripe about the system and a fix for it. As far as I am concerned "Everyone should come into the Army Air Corps as a full colonel and be allowed to sink to their own level."

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