Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Lee Van Cleef, Sep 21, 2003.

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  1. Yes, I made WO1 in the default amount of years.

  2. No, I'm still a Cpl after 15 years of sterling service.

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  3. I'm all right jack, I'm an E3, my old unit did me a favour.

  4. I'm shagged, I'm an E3 and I've been career fouled.

  5. I'm not interested as I have golden bollocks so I'll get it either way.

  6. I'm not interested as I have no ambition.

  1. How fair is the current NCO promotion system?
    Aircrew or ground crew.
  2. Couldn't give a monkeys toss, I'm out the rat race soon so kiss my arrse
  3. Any time two or more Soldiers get together the promotion system will enter the conversation, as everyone has a gripe about the system and a fix for it. As far as I am concerned "Everyone should come into the Army Air Corps as a full colonel and be allowed to sink to their own level."

    NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Me too, its great isnt it, although I think you have a markedly less time to go than me