Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by liamk1990, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. What jobs get you promoted to L Cpl after completion of phase 2 training in the signals? Is it just EW op & comms system engineer or are there others? i wanted to go in for comms logistic speialist but after thinking about it i would rather do something thats hands on as it was. Thanks in advance
  2. Not sure what you mean by 'hands on'? Trade orientated work is posting specific. The first strip is less of a given for CS Eng and EW Op than it was.
  3. You don't get it given to you, you will have to show you are 'worth' it by completing your PNCO course after training. But it will be still viewed as coming out of a crisp/cereal packet. Oh and comms log is storeman/liney. If you want your stripe you need to go tech/engineer.

  4. yeah i know that, that why i was thinking about changing my job choice. on the army website the only 2 jobs i can fin that say about promotion after phase 2 are comms system engineer and EW op, are they the only job choices that get the chance for promotion after training or are there others?
  5. Looks like its just CSE and EW Op for Signals.
  6. If you're planning a short career the promotion is relevant. PD 6 evens things out from there onwards.
  7. Int corps?
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  8. They definitely get it gifted to them. Got guys at my place who have done less time that me (cs eng) and have come off the stripeys board while I'm still hoping for Thursday's full screw board.

    As for 'hands on', that's very dependant on your posting after Blandford. Could be sat in a radio workshop backloading Bowman, or in an IS det hitting JOCS with a big hammer.

    Or,get attached like me and do both :D
  9. Why not? Mr Liam K......, 22 yrs old shows he has what it takes.....
  10. im thinking between either one of the jobs above or maybe royal engineers. but more or likely end up as either cs eng or ew op
  11. This is from Army Jobs FB.

    "The following jobs finish training and get promoted to Lance Corporal immediately.

    Int Corps, RMP, RLC Ammo Tech, Signals Electronic Warfare, REME Avionics Tech, Dental Hygienist and QARANC Nurse.

    As your career continues, you’ll get extra promotions, more responsibilities and more pay rises." (Some are missing)

    [FONT=lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif]I'm looking to join as a CSE seems to be the best fit for me. You shouldn't really worry too much about promotion. Pick the one that interests you the most, as you're going to be stuck in that role for your career.[/FONT]​
  12. i am looking at CSE too, seems to stand out more, but i have also been looking at bomb disposal specialist for the royal engineers. Dont know what it is about that particular job but it just pops at me, think i've watched the hurt locker one too many times! ill go see my recruiter when he gets back in the office and get it all on the strait and narrow. while im here i may as well ask, my brothers getting married on the 13th Apr next year. If i was to start basic training just before then what would the deal be with me being able to attend or aint i allowed home until 5 weeks?
  13. Spot on son, not allowed home until successful completion of drill test at end of week 5.
  14. i thought so, either i get lucky with a start date or i will not be attending the wedding, no way am i waiting even longer for a start date for the sakes of few lines in a church and a piss up
  15. There are no CS Eng intakes for a fair while according to my CA.