Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 2yorks_infantry, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. ima substansive Lcpl in an infantry battalion, im PTI qualed and also just passed skill at arms should i not be up for promotion to Cpl by now???
  2. Yes is the short answer. Speak to the badge.
  3. it wouldnt go to glasgow would it? am i right in guessing it would be in house??
  4. Needs to go through Glasgow first.
  5. it is an internal board for promotions of Pte-LCpl & LCpl-Cpl in an infantry battalion.
    Promotion from Cpl-Sgt & beyond goes through Glasgow!
  6. A little short on info to make a solid decision, there could be a hundred reasons why you are still a LCpl. Time served, conduct sheet etc etc, check on the requirements for promotion and see if you meet them all and then go and have a word with your RCMO, see what he says.
  7. I don't think there are any PIDs for PTI Cpls in infantry battalions. You would need to go to somewhere with the PIDs, like an ARTD school, to get promoted.