Discussion in 'RLC' started by youngy01, Sep 29, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what qualifications you would need
    to be promoted from private to Lcp, as a TA RLC Chef.
    I have been an Infantry Soldiet for 12 years and I am a class 1
    Infantry rifleman. I changed to RLC due to a back injury
    I gain during build up training for Afghanistan. I am a civilian
    Chef, so I changed. I have done my class 3 chefs course and passed
    with flying colours amd gained early entry to my class 2
    and passed. I was put up for promotion on the last board
    but the CO said yes but I would need to do a CLM course.
    I am not fit to do that course as this is just a Infantry based
    PNCO Cadre without some fitness. My understanding of the
    Career Management Path is. Do Class 3 course pick up at some
    Point within a couple of years. Do a MPC course, which you
    would have to be substansive L/cpl to get on. Then do Class 2.
    Cam anyone clarify the process please.
  2. You can cook?
    Can't see you progressing any further in your chosen career path!
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  3. Check Chapter 4 of RLC Corps Training Instructions, available on ArmyNet.

    Have you spoken to to your RLC/trade chain of command in your unit? They should be able to advise you.
  4. I hope your not in charge of writing menu's?
  5. It's plain to see that you're not in charge of writing menus.
  6. obviousley i ham not
  7. Youngy01,

    If you go to the RLC section under Units and Orgs on Armynet, the link to the RLC Trade book Online is on the right hand side.

    Open that up, select Chef, then Pte. This will show you the career path you need to follow.