Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. Is it me or is it easier to get promoted these days? All for it if indeed it is easier.Mind you it comes to something when you hear a 7 year full screw moaning that he didn't come off for his third! Or is it me i don't know. One can opener,one tin of worms.........GO!
  2. Sorry the full scew was a liney
  3. I'll crack on with this thread my self , is it easier for liney's as it was say 15,16,17 years ago ?
  4. Yep, carry on yerself' yer doin fine :)
  5. just enjoy yourself carpets

    I bet that the NCOs twenty years ago would have argued that promotion was far easier than in their day...and the standard of recruits was rubbish.
  6. All right then , i will , see if i care. Gold dust , please feel free to give an adult reply. OUT.
  7. Please give an example of an adult reply.
  8. Dwarf i'm not concerned with all that bolliks about your last comments.No i dont have a potatoe on my shoulder.Just carpets under my arms.Some body enlighten me in reference to the original question.
  9. Goldust pi55 off
  10. Chill out man
  11. can't lost interest after second cluster of a post who the fcuk talks to themselves for 3 posts
  12. Spermluge, i like to talk to myself,this is born out of myself,being extremely unpopular with everybody i try to meet.Thankyou for making me fall to an all time low.I shall now go and impale my anus with a rather large , uncomfortable object. That's how i am .
  13. Carpets there is a ring in truth in what you say.

    Over the last 10 years in the Corps we have seen changes away from old style det cmdrs to corporal/sgts course etc which were major hurdles to get over. It helped seperate the wheat from the chaff but as time went on it became too much of a hurdle as standards have changed (im not saying lowered, just different). To add on top the Corps has also suffered from a fair bit of overgrading combined with a fairly large shortfall in Cpl-SSgt ranks in the main trades further speeding up promotion which have exceeded the ideal promotion zones.

    Also people look at those around them in their peer group and although they may not recognise that they are not as good as them they feel that those that "fly" are the norm so they should receive pennies from heaven too.

    I believe numbers are currently strong within the Corps so promotion will or may already have started to revert back to a more normal timeline.

    It annoys me at times to listen to people who really bitch on about promotion as though they should of got it by default, just for drawing a days pay and although I would hate to see a scenario where dead mans shoes returned I`m all for a more competative promotion enviroment. However by looking at rank shortfalls, that is still in some trades very much way off.
  14. ok serious post lineys do have better promotion prospects they are one of the few trades in the corps which is currently quoted as undermanned (I refuse to believe the manning records statistics, we're all working our balls off).

    and to be honest as a corps our promotion is pretty quick so people do tend to wonder whats going on when they don't come off the board when they think they should
  15. Maybe we should just put Carpet in a room to argue with himself, hang on, he seems already to be doing that!!

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