can any of the paywogs answer this correctly for me


on promotion you go from lower band to higher band, and up an increment level??

im on level 6 pte at the moment so would go to higher band level 7??

or just higher band level 5???

You go from Pte Lower to LCpl Higher (at either level 5 or a bear min of 2% increase of pay). Not too sure about he increment though, do you mean an accelrated ingrement progression?
ie lance jack pay is higher band 5-9

pte is lower 1 to 7

i was under the impression id jump to higher band, and then up a level?
The only time you move up a level (that I know of) is when you move up a class. Ie Private Lower 1 moving to Private Lower 2 on 1 year anniversary. Or 6 months after becoming Class 3 moving to Private Lower 2 on becoming Class 2, on the 1 year anniversary moving to Level 3.

The downside is if you are promoted and up classed, you usually receive the increment progression first, and then move to the next promotion band. Thus not gaining any benefit from the AIP.

I think in your case you will move to LCpl Higher 6.

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