Discussion in 'RLC' started by kingsofleon, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. With a lot of people's noses being put out of place on the W01 board, how many vacancies will there be on the W02 board,SSGT, etc etc, excuse my ignorance is it one for one, and is there any way you can find out before the board sit's.

    PS P

    Are you going to collect your pre ordered badges or leave them til next year
  2. In what trade???
  3. Mong Child, if you are affected by any of those ranks you mentioned then you know exactly how it works. You dont mention any particular trade so its a pretty dumb useless question. Keep bulling your boots, Basic Training will finish soon! :roll:
  4. Its a one for one swap, done alphabetically from your nominal roll and how many fruit pastilles you can put in your mouth without chewing them
  5. i'd say 12 dvrs would be generous.....
  6. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

  7. The numbers for SSgt - WO2 will be significantly down on last year. The numbers, trades and issues are still being worked out. V Eng is a significant issue, but there are other factors which I do not want to go into detail on here. I do feel very sorry for the high quality SSgts who will miss out on promotion, there will be quite a few. We will not have the full details on numbers in trades until early Jan 10.
  8. To many fumes have affected your temper, It was a sensible question raised around the lunch table of the Sgts' Mess. As all trades were affected apart from the pioneers who were up for once, it was as I deemed a sensible question and was aimed at all trades. No need for the abuse and you are closer in rank to those coming out of basic than me
  9. Full Screw in Aug 2008??? Bought Mess dress in Nov 2008???

    CH5120 I never knew you were that close to Basic young man, is there something your not telling us??????
  10. MSI64 the funniest thing is I can only think of 3 people that went down the training route when I was with 64 pet sqn in gutesloh
  11. Woohoo and Im one of them and unfortunatly cant remember any of our Sup cons/specs

    So you have me a t a disadvantage?
  12. I was a Pet Op at the time, Jesus we may have even shared a beer or two woohoo
  13. Cant have known me then I dont share beer
  14. what about women???? on the MSI front I went down that road too
  15. Pastilles FFS............ I was told midget gems and thought it was too easy!