Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by El_Tel, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Jumping the gun a little I feel as I am not even in yet........

    But if I knuckled down and worked my arse off how quickly could I make rank of Sgt say?

    Many thanks in advance
  2. Depends what you're going in for. If it's a really technical trade ie. REME, etc. then after doing various upgrade courses probably relatively quickly, depending on how well you do the job, etc. If something less technical, then just do as many courses as you can, to show willingness.

    That's what I've gathered anyway.
  3. 8-10 years is what my recruiter told me, he is a Sgt.
  4. How long is a piece of string?

    It depends upon your trade and how well you perform, particularly under pressure. It also depends on promotion courses, the job you do and the quality of your confidential reports. To a lesser extent, it also depends on whether the trade is interesting enough to keep people in beyond their 6-9 years; you cannot be promoted if there aren't any vacancies above you!

    I would normally expect soldiers to promote to Sergeant in a 6-12 year timeframe. Some will promote faster; others slower.

  5. I think i was swimming against the current :))))
  6. Looking to join AAC for my sins, well thats number 1 choice I really can not make up mind for 2nd and 3rd options

    Cheers for you help guys!
  7. You and me both, Sir! :D

    LCpl Litotes!
  8. I hear NCO Cadre's are fcuking solid aswell. When i was on chosen man course one of the staff was telling us about his last nco cadre where he had to find cover in a river, the only thing is the water was frozen so he had to break the ice with the butt of his rifle and then get in!!!! Nice! Also my mate who is in 2 Yorks has just done his Sgt exams and he said it was tough to say the least, he's been in since 1999.
  9. I have thought about my earlier response.

    What I didn't point out is that most soldiers do not reach Sergeant because they serve 4 years or less. When I worked in a particularly wind-swept Headquarters on SPTA, many moons ago, we could consult tables which showed us the average length of service and the average time taken to reach each rank. I haven't seen those tables for years but, IIRC, the average age of the Army was about 24, and the average length of service was about 5 years. I doubt that much has changed.

  10. Fuck me. I was swimming against a tsunami! :D
  11. I just know I'm going to be promoted because the Boss keeps writing that "LCpl Litotes should be promoted in due course". My name will be on the next list...

  12. im looking at first look at 11yr point
  13. It totally depends on your trade (there are more vacancies in certain trades), how you perform and, more importantly, what your annual report is like (and how it is written).

    In the Royal Engineers you have to be a Sapper for a minimum of a year before getting promoted. After that you have to do a minimum of 3 years in rank before being eligible for promotion.

    JNCO cadres are hard; but then why should they be easy. When I did mine we had 30 start, 20 get to the final exercise and there was 10 of us left at the end of the exercise. The run in from Imber Village to Rollestone camp at the end of the exercise was the most howling thing I have had to do but I am glad I can look back now and say I fecking well did it. Any way you'll soon find out that whoever you are speaking to basic training/trade training/junior command course/senior NCO course was the most nails thing since SF selection and it was harder than yours!
  14. We used to get up three hours before we went to bed, pull our eyes out and chop our legs off before PT and still run 4 minute BFTs and complete a CFT in under a hour carrying 500kg bergans. You lot dont know how easy it is today :wink:
  15. Nice to see you back Iron.