Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by cheffin, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. Was wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to be promoted from Cpl to Sgt on your first SJAR/CR. I came off the board in Aug 2007 and have recieved my first SJAR as a Cpl. I have been recommended for promotion but have been told different things i.e you need to have at least two recommendations. Am just wondering if I have a shot or not!

    Thanks in advance
    I'm RLC
  2. No shit.

    Do you have an RCMO? I'd suggest you ask them. Alternatively you could go into my office and have a look at the bit of paper on the wall behind my desk. I'd look it up on, but I'm too lazy.
  3. i thought with v eng that you waited three years till looked at
  4. Straight from ArmyNET

    Promotion should be the aim of every RLC Soldier, the current rules require all soldiers to have a:

    1. A minimum of a year in sub-rank.
    2. A current recommendation for promotion.
    3. Any mandatory trade/CLM qualifications.
    4. Sufficient Residual Service remaining from start of promotion year.
    5. For the rank of Sergeant 5 years served as an NCO.

    1. Seniority

    RLC Soldiers selected for promotion will not be granted substantive rank until the second day of the promotional year. Should a soldier be required to fill a post before this date they will do so in acting rank.

    2. Recommendation

    You say you've been recommended so that shouldn't be a problem.

    3. Qualified

    Have you done you Senior Cadre, SMC, CLM or whatever they are calling it now. (you can still sit the board but will have a limited time to complete this course) You don't mention your trade? Are you a class 1.

    4. Residual Service

    Since your pushing for Sgt i'm going to take a guess that you have time left in the army.

    5. Time served

    You have to have served 5 years from your lance jack seniority date so to pick up on the next RLC board you would have had to have picked up your first strip around may 2004 dependent on the exact dates of the board.

    Other stuff.

    Any soldier that comes of the board who receives a Formal Warning under AGAI 67 will have their selection suspended for the period of the warning. Upon completion of the Warning their suitability for selection is to be confirmed in writing to RLC Sldr Wg by their Commanding Officer. A non-recommendation for promotion at this time will result in a loss of selection.

    Any soldier that comes of the board who becomes subject to the award of a Regimental Entry on discilplinary grounds or Rebuke, Expression of Displeasure or Severe Displeasure under AGAI 67 will be cancelled.

    Other considerations are your trade. Are you on a timed or vacancy promotion system. Whatever the answers your either on the board or your not so your best off just waiting and see what happens.

  5. Not that any of those rules are heavily enforced :twisted:
  6. Thanks for the reply.

    I'm a chef and have completed all my trade courses and CLM etc. I qualify for all the other points.
    Although some peole say you can get promoted the majority I have spoken to says you can't. WOuld I get points deducted as I have not been a Cpl for long?
  7. Short answer. Yes.

    If everyone else that sits on the board is crap with little time served you stand a chance but if everyone else has had an outstanding year and have more time in rank you've not got much chance.
  8. One misconception held in this regard relates to the issue of seniority as people get promoted at different times during the promotion year to fill vacancies.

    When you picked up your second tape you will not have done so at exactly the same time as your peer group. This may have led to receiving your first SJAR as Cpl having been a substantive Cpl for considerably less than a year - or perhaps considerably more than a year.

    In order to mitigate against the unfairness that this may create whereby bloke X is lucky enough to fill an appointment early in the promotion year his SJAR will not be looked at by the (in this case Cpl - Sgt) promotion board in the year when he has less than 1 yr seniority as this would obviously unfair to bloke Y who picked up from the same (LCpl-Cpl) board as you but did not fill an appointment until later in the promotion year.

    By the time the next (Cpl-Sgt) board come round both soldiers will have more than 1 year seniority in the new rank and will thus both appear for the first time although bloke X will have had more time in the new rank and post to impress (or depress) his reporting officers.

    As said above the short answer is probably yes - if you are fantastic and\or everyone else is toilet you stand a chance.

    That was of the top of my head, why not read the book for yourself and find out the actual information rather than rely on ARRSE users and hope someone remembers what they read correctly (and it is up to date). I certainly would if it were me.
  9. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Alf are you sure I went from Cpl to WO1 in 5 years if what you say is true then it could not have happened. The same happened to two of us who were given sub jobs the day after the board at both SSgt and WO2.
  10. I'm certain that was the case in Nov 08 for my Corps (REME) and am pretty sure that the same rules applied to the RLC at that time. I doubt they have changed since.

    In your case you may have been promoted under different rules in this regard as obviously the earlier promotions were (at least) five years ago.

    When you say 5 years from Cpl - WO1 if that clock starts from the day the Cpl - Sgt board sat then that promotion speed is still possible, as what is required is one year in rank, to clarify what I mean:

    3 months as Cpl
    1 year 6 months as Sgt
    1 year 6 months as SSgt
    1 year 6 months as WO2
    3 months as WO1

    One year 6 months for the interim ranks is just an arbitrary figure - but the point is that (AFAIK) you must spend at least year substantive at each rank at the date required by the promotion board.

    It should not be possible to come off the Cpl - Sgt promotion board (sitting in the middle of June sometime) and then come off the Sgt -SSgt board (sitting in the middle of March the following year) because really that would be a bit ridiculous, considering that the results of the Cpl - Sgt board aren't released until the July so very little time would be spent as a Cpl in order to gain a recommendation for promotion. Also, as I said in my earlier post many people selected for promotion to Sgt (in this case) will not be appointed to that rank in time to receive any report at all prior to the next board thus it is standardised that all must wait for the board in the following year.

    It is fair to say that this was off the top of my head (ready for incoming!) and I no longer work with this type of thing and thus haven't read the rules recently, but I am pretty confident that I am correct in what I say, I would always advise anyone to read the rules for themselves as they are readily available and more reliable than posters on ARRSE will ever be.

    I would also add the caveat that the "exigencies of the service..." mean that exceptions to the rules seem to occur remarkably regularly.

    Anyhow, that must rank as one of the dullest posts ever on ARRSE so congratulations for not nodding off whilst reading, hopefully I am not barking up the wrong tree and it is at least of some benefit to the original poster.
  11. You have, cheers.
    I did try and look up for myself but couldn't find anything. Thanks all.
  12. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Alf apologies I meant Cpl selected for Sgt and in addition I have read the rules and it is a lot more difficult now to fly from Junior to Senior and quite right too.

    The pages regarding this are on Army net I would recommend that you look at them and discuss it with you RCWO/BFSWO, if nothing else it shows ambition.

    Edited to add from you name I assume you are a Chef
  13. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Try in here:


    You will need an ARMYNET password or go on MSWEB on the intra net
  14. Yes you can promote from your first report, however you must of been kissing some A.R.S.E to get an SJAR that you think will get you promoted in your first year.

    Anyway well done if you do but you should gain at least 2 years experience at your current rank in order for you to have a fighting chance as a SNCO.

    Good Luck.
  15. Your a chef and have passed all your trade course's?

    Something doesn't quite add up :twisted: