Promotion within the Corps?

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First up, apologies if this has already been covered, I tried a search but couldn't really find what I was after.

My question is, are there any specific trades that come with a rank? For instance, I gather that RLC ammo techs are awarded the rank of L/Cpl after they finish P2. Is there anything like that within the RE? What are the promotion prospects like in general?

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No chance we have to earn our rank in the Corps, If you want to get it quick and not be respected crack on and be an airtech or ammo tech.
There are 2 trades that come with rank; Clerk of Works and Military Plant Foreman. You can't join directly as a Clerk of Works of MPF. You normally need to have at least 8 to 10 years of experience before even applying and then you have a pretty damn hard 2 year course to pass before you get your SSgt. If you want to count bullets (because as a LCpl Ammo tech that's all you'll be allowed to do) or play with choppers thats up to you.
plant_life said:
You normally need to have at least 8 to 10 years of experience before even applying and then you have a pretty damn hard 2 year course to pass before you get your SSgt.
a-hem. :? :? :? :?
plant_life said:
There is a lot more emphasis placed on experience now rather than just academic results.
still plenty of them go on having done feck all but their class 2/1 & been in 2 minutes. (not all of them but a lot)
Unfortuantly unless you are in an Air Support Sqn there isn't much in the way of proper construction going on now within the Corps. The guys are too busy providing much needed close support combat engineering to the teeth arms (and doing a damn good job of it) but it's certainly not like Bosnia or Kosovo where you could go off on troop tasks without an infantry company providing force protection. The lack of trade experience is not the individuals faults. Until regiments get more complex construction tasks (which they can be loathe to do in case it all goes tits up and they get in the sh1t for it) that's the way it is going to be. What doesn't help is the fact that ISP providers in Cyprus etc have had a couple of bad experiences wih Engr Sqns on OTXs and will not give 170 difficult tasks to design because they believe that it won't be built to a decent standard or if the task runs over the Sqn will just disappear leaving them to carry the can. This is going to be a vicous circle which needs to be resolved but telling ISP to dish out decent tasks and getting regiments to take them on will be an ongoing battle for many years.
not disagreeing with a lot of that statement, filling hesco is not really high up on the CoW(E) syllabus.
What doesn't help is that on tour Regiment CSCs are heavily involved in CIMIC tasks and do not get involved with the Sqn construction tasks so there isn't as much quality control going on. Combat engineering solutions are good short term measures but a lot of the stuff that has been done has just been thrown together because of it was needed PDQ and it won't last.

Anyway back to ordinary promotion. Below is a list of relevent military qualifications you need for substantive promotion within the Corps:

LCpl. JNCO cadre (which includes PJNCO CLM), ME Cbt Class 2, ME trade Class 2.

Cpl. JCC, AEC CLM, ME Cbt Class 1 (in ME Cbt stream), ME trade Class 1

Sgt. RE SNCO, AEC CLM, CLM work book pass, relevent section commander course

SSgt. Relevent Sgt course

WO2. AEC CLM, RE WO2 CLM course, CLM workbook pass.

WO1. Relevent QMSI course (where relevent).

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